Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lampu signal mana?


People, just because you drove an effin' expensive car or a gigantic lorry, that does not give you the advantage not to give a signal when you're trying to cut into the line or turn into a junction or trying to stop by the road et cetera, et cetera, whatever. There's a reason why the signal was created and ruled on the car. There's a reason why the signal is a must in EVERY vehicle. No matter how small or insignificant it is (just a small stick at the steering) but it plays A MAJOR ROLL towards road safety. In case you're dumb enough not to understand it or if you think that the only safety that matters is yours, eh hello maybe you should build your own road in the air, so you can turn anywhere you like without causing distress to other road user other than the birds. Comprendre? Since you own a bloody expensive car, I assume you must be brainy enough to earn those fat loot to buy the car but unfortunately you are too dumb to understand the road safety precaution or even remember the rules. But then again you could just be some selfish moron and born as an idiot who could not  understand the important of giving a signal. Lesen terbang ke bai? If you think driving a big vehicle and those expensive cars make you superior, think again, orang lain pun bayar road tax jugak okai? And yeah your stupid car especially those lorries, even if it is sold, does not worth a person's life. Jangan main masuk jer, lampu signal mana bai? Flick the signal, you can save a life. Is it so hard to get the fact absorb in your thick headed skull or is your brain made of a slower stuff? 1kb/1hr mungkin speed dia. Pathetic idiot.

p/s : In the morn I saw a pakcik fell from a motorcycle, trying to avoid a lorry drove by a samseng and highly unintelligent moron driver yang main masuk junction tak bagi signal. GILA. In the evening, there's this one BMW trying to cut in line in front of me, without giving a signal and main himpit saja, his side mirror almost kissing my own side mirror. Fat chance lah kan saya nak bagi masuk. You aint got no attitude, but sorry dude, I aint some timid woman driver. I am made from a tougher stuff. Lampu signal kau mana heh gila? Pfffttt~ I gave him the duhhh~ look and speed away. PADAN MUKA kena hon dengan kereta belakang.

pp/s : In the afternoon I just spend a whooping RM600 servicing my car. Mood : rasa macam nak demam lepas bagi cash kat apek mekanik tu, masuk opis terus rasa pening lalat jap~ T_T *laju-laju call my Granmother and si I*


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pantun 6 Rangkap


Tuai padi antara masak,
Esok jangan layu-layuan,
Intai kami antara nampak,
Esok jangan rindu-rinduan.

Dua tiga kucing berlari,
Manakan sama si kucing belang,
Dua tiga boleh ku cari,
Manakan sama kamu seorang.

Pisang emas dibawa belayar,
Masak sebiji diatas peti,
Kasih dan sayang ku tiada berbayar,
Nilai nya adalah keikhlasan hati.

Cantik-cantik si gadis desa,
Desa kampung tepian pelangi,
Rasa itu kurniaan Yang Esa,
Keikhlasannya dapatkah kamu selami.

Ada timba di tepi perigi,
Timba dicuri dibawa lari,
Jangan kamu, janganlah pergi,
Jangan tinggalkan saya sendiri.

Hempedu pahit sukar ditelan,
Ciptaan Tuhan penuh seni,
Bagai pungguk rindukan bulan,
Saya setia menunggu kamu disini.


p/s : pagi selasa yang bosan sebab semua orang cuti dan terasa rindu pada si dia yang tidak sayang dan tidak rindu kan kita. kesian~

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wishlist Item #1~


Blackberry Bold Touch 9900.

I want this.

So I don't have to worry about those unattended emails when I was away from office and freak out for not having access to the internet when the dumb broadband is being, well, dumb. Cuti pun kena check and reply email. WTH. I need this. ASAP. So I can reply those bloody email from Midvalley toilet and while chilling with my buddies and si I, on working days. Aha. Take note of the underline sentence, people.

HA. Try and get me in trouble you emails! I'll reply you the minute I received you *smug* 

But first, I have to get this.


Somebody get this for me, please? 


Friday, December 23, 2011


Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending. 

 ~Author Unknown

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

One blubb blubb Sunday~

Heyyyaaa people~ 
Dont ask blubb blubb tu apa. It kinda crashed my brain and I just felt like putting it there. Okai? Anyway, felt like posting an entry about my Sunday. Rasa bosan sebab I is not around, so as usual, I roger the others (the Squash Devil) and starts making plan. Yeah well, the idea was to hike at Broga Hills but since not many of us is available so we kinda resort to Squash and whatever plan that came in mind later afterwards. Plus, Luq was not feeling very happy lately and we all rasa macam nak make him smile a bit. Yeah well, it might not gonna solve his problems or heal the wound (ouucchhh!) but at least, we try to make him smile and soothe his raw feeling. Sweet kan? I know righttttt~ Hihihi. Instead of posting pics, malam nie rajin extra sikit so saya buat a movie out of our pics. Next time you guys had spare time on Sunday, doing nothing, why don't you gather all your BFFs and go out and get in touch with the nature. Malas? Bila tengok video ni sure rasa teruja nak pergi juga. Have fun watching and enjoy. Cheers!  

Out of all the pics, my favourites are these two. Talk about sillyness. Haihhh..we have like, tonnes of them!

Personally, I think both pics are cute. Oh my so perasan. Whatever~ XP

Dah ada jeles sikit-sikit tak? Next Sunday kita jumpa kat Taman Botani owrite people?


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cikgu Murni


She drove her car fast enough to arrive home just in time. She only got another 2 hours to do some preparations. Her heart was beating faster than usual, partly from excitement and a quater of anticipation plus another quater of anxiousness. Her phone beeped. A text mesage is received. 

"Please be reminded to come at 8pm tonight and kindly inform us of any cancellation or delay. Thank you"

She smile. Cancellation? Delay? Don't joke. None of it will happened. She was totally looking forward for today and she would not let anything get in her way, InsyaAllah. As she rushed towards her room, opened up her lappy and started typing away. She lost herself in the world of words and numbers and equations. She Googled some stuff to add more spices to her presentation and make it more an interesting story to tell. She misses all that. She missed the intense concentration it demand from a person and she missed having her brain tested and racked of informations. But best of all, she missed having her intelligence tested. Yes, she still good at all that. She smirked smugly, feeling proud of herself. As realisation dawned on her, she quickly checked herself and wipe the smug off her face. Such arrogance and pride is not encouraged in her religion. A humble person should not even harbour a thought of superiorness at her own talents and strengths as all are gifts from Allah SWT. It can be taken away in a blink of an eye, when Allah SWT will so. She quickly asked forgiveness from her God and resume her work. More sincere than before, with a humble heart. 

Done. She saved her work. Got up and put on the kettle to boil and went to wash herself and get ready for her prayer. She have to thank her God for all the blessing she received. The blessings, might seems like nothing to some, but to her, it meant everything and for that, she is more than thankful to her dear God. It was nearly 7.30pm when she was done. She was late. But InsyaAllah, she will make it to her destination on time. She smiles, drank her coffee and headed towards the door.

As she arrived, the clock was already sharp 8pm. She felt a bit nervous and started calming her anxiousness by saying selawat to her Prophet. You can do it, Insya-allah. This is all piece a cake Murni. She told herself. Yes, her confidence came breezing through like a wind along with a determination and she felt ready to take over the world, if that is what she have to do but apparently, no. She walked through the door with a smile and giving salam to all the bright eyes in the room which were now focused on her and assessing her curiously. Eager. She gave them a warm smile, kind, it touched the heart of all these bright eyes.

"Assalamualaikum and a very good evening to all of you. It is a pleasure for me to see all of you here, looking all eager and enthusiastics. My name is Murni, you can call me Cikgu Murni and I am your Physics teacher. I hope you will learned what you wish to learn from me and I hope I will be able to make you see and understand the beautiful knowledge of Physics. Insya-Allah." Another smile. The Physics side of her started to activated "Let's start today's class with an interesting chapter in Physics, Wave, shall we?"

"Yes, Cikgu Murni!"

This is going to be interesting. She thought and started handing the handout she had prepared earlier and draw a wave graph on the whiteboard.

the end.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Whatever Saturday.


It was one of those Saturday where you woke up and snoozed the alarm clock (in my case, it's my alarm phone) and kept telling yourself "Okai, 5 mins more. Another 5 mins" then poof! "Hoi Kak Az, bangunnnnnn~!!" there goes the real alarm clock. The yelling of my housemate ku sayang, NB. It never fails to wake me up feeling a tad bit of annoyance and loved all the same. But. Not today. NB balik kampung. Sob sob sob. So it only left me and AL. Groggily picked myself up and went downstairs to put on the kettle. AL was watching Youtube at her lappy. She got no game today (mind you, both my housemates played rugby for the national team and the RSC Dingo). Today I ain't got no game too. The friendly matched arranged by Florence has been cancelled (no, I do not play rugby. I am too girly for that, even to my standart). Oh well, I haven't laundered my squash skirt yet anyway. I do not feel like playing any squash today (my ass still ache from yesterday's training) and Si I got some closed volley tourney so there's no point calling him anyway. I went back upstairs, dropped on my bed, close my eyes and feel around for my phone. Darn, I throw it in the luggage basket. Double darn, a socks was lying there by the window belong to Si I. I must have dropped it last night, out of my rage and anger. Hihihi. Padan muka Si I. He must have not notice that another pair of his socks is missing. Tee-Hihihi. Sorry syg! =P 

Anway, I am drifting to sleep yet again. Going to pasar malam later with Monster (she's buying me tudung. Yeayyy!) but for now, Good night people. See you in dreamland where Sonny Bill is my boyfriend and Nicol David is my apprentice while Albert Einstein is my mentor and I am married to Si I. Ehhh, datz my dream. You go and create your own. Nyte~



Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Bagaimana jika walaupun dia sentiasa ada dengan kita, tapi hati nya, wallahualam pada siapa. Mungkin sudah terang hakikat yang tersurat tapi mata hati yang too ignorant to notice it or even acknowledge it?

Jadi, bagaimana? 


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Choice of Rhythm : Ombak Rindu - Adira Feat. Hafiz

I have watched this. I have read the novel ages ago. So have a listen to the song =)

Tuhan tolong lembutkan hati dia
Untuk terima ku seadanya
Kerna ku tak sanggup
Kerna ku tak mampu
Hidup tanpa dia di sisi ku

Tuhan aku tahu banyak dosa ku
Hanya ingat Kamu kala duka ku
Namun hanya Kamu yang mampu membuka
Pintu hatinya untuk cintaku

Hujan bawa air mata ku
Yang mengalir membasuh luka ku
Agar dia tahu ku terseksa
Tanpa cinta dia di hatiku

Hanya mampu terserah
Moga cahaya tiba nanti


p/s : kesian ada orang kena tengok sampai 2 kali =P

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Once Upon An Athletics Moment


While I was browsing through the FB, found this photos which dated wayyyyyyy bacj during the glory time at UKM. It was during one of the athletics event. I can't believe I looked like that ( macam lah sekarang pun cantik sangat kan. Hahaha). Soooooo skinny! and TANNED. Wow~ Beyonce tengok sure jealous dengan kulit saya.

This is when we already won the 4 x 400m event. Gold medalist. every year baby, none can take us down. Back then, even now, we're the legendary quartet. Hehehe.

And this is me with my bestie Joscie. Hoiiiii~ so tanned and soooooo young I hardly believe it was me when she posted this embarassing photo at FB and tagged all of our friends. Keji sangat kamu =___=  I think this was when I was in second year. Okai, have a good laugh, tak apa I dont mind you guys ketawa-ketawa sebab even me myself laughed at this old photo. Errr~ It was Saturday anyway, kena happy sebab weekend. Kejap lagi I'm going to go and watch si I punya game with my brother and sister. I guess, the sports adrenaline still run wild in my blood. Hope he played his best today. Go sayang, goooo!

Have a wonderful Saturday everybody!


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kisah Wii


My dearest housemate A.L,

First of all, kami (A dan I) nak mintak maaf sangat-sangat. Sebelum cakap apa-apa, nak minta maaf dulu tau. Reason dia, hurmm, nampak tak Wii console tu not at it's place beside the TV? Hehe. Owh, perasan eh Wii tu tak ada. Anyway, Wii tu tak ada sebab kami took it to the game shop because, errr, because we accidentally tempered with the setting and now it does not run on CD cetak rompak anymore. Adalah orang tu, ter-press button update (we think so) so the updated version (we think so) does not layan any cetak rompak CD. Wii kita tu kan in Japanese, kami tak faham apa dia cakap. When insert CD game yang baru tu, dia tak bleyh read, maka dengan pandai nya kami tekan sana-sini then opppss, terus tak bleyh read lansung dah CD. Huhuhu =(

Can you imagine our frustration? We already bought 3 CDs. Mine 1, si I bought 2. Semangat tau nak main sebab hari hujan and duit tak ada untuk pergi lepak cuci mata, tapi malangnya....Haihh, anyway, I already took it to the game shop. Sorry for not informing you earlier because I was so afraid and was weighing my decisions. Tak perasan ke semalam orang balik pukul berapa? Haaa..lambat gila kan. Tu sebab takut punya pasal lah tu, pergi merata cari kedai game dengan si I. Hehehe. After some discussion, kami decided to buy it from you. But of course without you knowing that the setting dah foul, then kami nak pergi upgrade sendiri. Unfortunately, you do not plan to sell as it was a gift from a friend. Okai fine. Padan muka kami. I freaked out after hanging up the phone and speed dialing my partner in crime, I. Wah, seronok dia buat taik mata, orang kat sini dah menggelabah macam apa! Laju-laju kami decide untuk pergi Low Yatt or Sg. Wang and terus amek cuti halfday (sorry bos, saya tipu sebenarnya masa saya cakap nak bawak pakcik pergi klinik. Kalau cakap nak pergi kedai game kat Sungei Wang mesti bos tak bagi kan? this is a life and death matter tau, very crucial. Bos tak kan faham punya~ cewahh, drama plak. LOL) 

Sekarang, Wii tu dah sehat. Yeay~! Dah upgrade kat kedai sebab orang kedai cakap "dari you downgrade better you upgrade, leh main lagi banyak game!" . He discussed further with my partner in crime, I, but my attention was already being held by kedai-kedai baju and kasut opposite the game shop. Tanpa disedari, dah masuk pun satu kedai and siap try sandal sambil makan ice cream. Then baru sedar tujuan asal datang, opppsss, tertinggal pakcik tu kat kedai game. Siap lupa beli ice cream untuk dia. Sorry I, share jer lah eh? =P Hurmm, sorry yer A.L, maaf tulus ikhlas dari bottom of our heart, nanti kami belanja game yang A.L nak yer? Thanx lah sebab tak marah sangat (walaupun kita tau, A.L ada sikit bengang, sorry laaaaaaa. Uhukhukhuk). Next time apa-apa jadi kami bagitau, walaupun tak reti macam mana nak bagitau. Huu. Takpelah, berapa kena bayar untuk upgrade usahlah ditanya, kami tong-tong sorang sikit bayar, sebab memang kami yang salah *sedih* Tapi cuba A.L look at the bright side, now Wii tu dah in English. No more in Japanese. So dah tak ada masalah nak faham, kan? Plus, kitorg dah beli 3 CD game. Nanti kita main sama-sama yer! Orang sayang A.L dan N.B banyak-banyak tau. Betul ni tak tipu. 

So, janganlah marah yer. Maafkan kami =(

Yang tak sengaja,
(A dan I)

p/s : kami pergi makan teppanyaki. ada orang tak pernah try. sedap! (^^)y

Rhetorical Quote

4.32 pm.

"When a person make an effort for you, appreciate them. You must have meant something to them.  When a person make lots of effort for you, unquestioningly, keep them. A sincere person with a good heart is a rare treasure that last for a lifetime"

By Azfarina Azlan, 29th November 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011

28-11 : A new beginning.

Hey hey,

Selamat Tahun Baru kepada semua umat Islam dan selamat menyambut Awal Muharram. Apa resolusi you guys for this year? Dah lama nya tak menulis dekat blog ni. Orang cakap kalau tengah bahagia memang tak ada masa untuk benda lain. Eh, bahagia ke? Ada ups and ada down. Lumrah hidup. So apa yang hebat nya pada hari ini sampai rasa nak tulis kat blog? Jeng jeng jeng~ 

Today is my birthday. Yang ke berapa, sila teka sendiri. Waking up in the morning feeling grateful to Allah SWT to be alive for another year, saya refleks balik tentang semua yang terjadi sepanjang tahun lepas. Tu dah jadi macam habit, saya suka muhasabah diri sebab sedar yang diri sendiri tak pernah sempurna dan untuk mensyukuri segala nikmat suka dan duka yang Allah beri pada saya. Hehehe. Itu pun tak jugak jadi bagus. Syukur, saya tak pernah jauh dari sisi Tuhan. Bila mana dah tersasar sikit, sure dia akan bagi saya peringatan sehingga saya kembali sujud di tikar solat. Alhamdulillah. Terasa a bit lucky pun ada sebab, birthday saya jatuh pada awal Muharram, terasa macam diberi kesempatan yang sangat significant untuk mulakan azam baru dan buat new resolutions untuk perbaiki diri sendiri. On the day you were born, is also the day Hijrah took place, a new beginning, a new semangat and a new book, if I dont make the best of it then sesungguhnya saya manusia yang rugi.

2011. Last year, macam-macam happened. Some of them can be considered the worst things that ever happened to me. Some of it a life changing experience, some of it a financial changing experience and some of it character building experience. Alhamdulillah. Walau apa pun yang dah jadi, saya anggap itu sebagai pengajaran untuk saya and sebagai panduan to make a better living and to be a better person. What are life without few sunshines, rains and bumps kan? 

Saya takut nak put high resolutions ( TV HD plak), but sempena birthday dan Tahun baru, saya berazam untuk menjadi hamba Allah yang lebih baik dari sebelumnya. Quite general kan? Hahahaha. Well, at least saya ada azam baru okai. yang lebeih detail, biar lah saya dan Nya Yang Mencipta sahaja yang tahu =) So here is a special thanx to all my dearest darlings and sayangness who coloured my world and there for me for this year. Hope you guys will stay in the pics, forever. Semoga hidup saya lebih diberkati dan dirahmati berkat iringan doa kalian yang tidak putus dan ikhlas sepenuh hati untuk saya. Thank you verymuch. Hanya Allah Ta'ala sahaja yang dapat membalas.

Happy birthday Azx Cream.
 If you cant change the world, change the people. If you cant change the people, then at least change yourself =)


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

another ......


Tak pelah. Saya bahagia tengok awak bahagia.

Sungguh. Tak tipu!


Okai, fine. Saya tipu.


Friday, June 17, 2011



Nak gaduh lama-lama saya tak pandai. Serius tak pandai. Terpulanglah nak cakap saya nie loser ker, hati tak kering ker, lembik ker, tapi nak buat macam mana, saya memang macam nie. Mama, Ibu, Abah dan adik-beradik semua tahu. Hurmm..dah nak masuk 2 minggu dah. When kamu baca nie and nak cakap saya obses, attention seeker or anything lah yang teruk-teruk, busuk-busuk tu, ikot suka lah ya, I dunt give a damn. Orang cakap ikhlas tu memang orang tak pandai nak nilai. Tak pe lah, saya tak kisah, awak kan partner in crime saya. Kenapa nak terasa sangat kan? Saya ikhlas kawan dengan awak. Feeling-feeling tu, tolak tepi. Walaupun I did said, life goes on with or without you and saya happy jer walaupun beraktiviti tanpa awak, tapi...hurmmm..just so you know,

Yeah, it is, partner. Tak da orang yang tahan kena gigit dengan saya. Huuu~
Takpelah, saya men jongkang-jongket sorang-sorang jelah. Awak dah ada kawan baru ramai kan? 



Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Choice of Rhythm : If You're Gone - Matchbox 20

maybe its time to come home?

Terima Kasih

4.42 pm

Sampai satu tahap kita akan rasa penat nak sabar dan penat nak sedih-sedih. Okai, fine. Jika itu akan buat awak happy, maka silalah pergi berbahagia. Kata-kata awak tu bak kata pepatah, lebih tajam dari pedang. Cuba imagine pedang samurai tu, yelah, yang panjang dan tajam gilaaaaa tu, memotong daging batang pinang dengan sekali kuis jer. Hebat kan? Dan daging tu pun terputus dua. Hoorayyyy~ jum buat steak!

Mari main squash sampai pengsan.

P/s : Ini adalah life saya. So what if life saya bukan menghabiskan duet tengok movie and shopping and pegi meng-kaya-kan tauke kompleks membeli-belah? My life is cool in its own way. I don't depend on you to be happy. So you think I'll be unhappy when you're not around and my life is all about you? TAK YAH LAH PERASAN SANGAT, OKAI. Mungkin akan terasa sedikit suram, sebab we're happy when are around one another. But then, goes on kan?


you smile, i smile.

eh, iye ke? whatever.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Terima kasih Tuhan. Di kala kekusutan otak melanda, kerja ada banyak.


I need that.

Terima kasih Tuhan. Syukur Alhamdulillah.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Roaming! Roadtrip #8b : Phuket - Thailand (First Day)

Ola homosapiens! Tiba-tiba jadi rajin nie nak update tentang trip to Phuket hari tu. AMARAN dari saya, entry kali ni mengandungi gambar-gambar dan video yang sangat banyak yang leh buat pembaca juling biji mata kejelesan. Hehe. Don't say I didn't warn you okai? ^_^

Dari Hatyai, kami sampai ke Phuket hampir tengah malam and was being fetched by our tour agent, (Merl  punya kakak pernah guna khidmat dia) name Anee to our guesthouse, which was situated at Patong Beach. Dalam van kami nego dengan Anee tentang aktiviti kami esok dan harga yang paling relevan. It was decided that the next day kami akan berjalan-jalan di Bandar Phuket and pada malam hari, menonton ladyboy kabaret show at Simon Cabaret. Ladyboy tu maksud nya pondan. And when I said ladyboy, dude seriously..dorang betul macam perempuan! Huhuhu. Actually, trip kami nie hanya gunakan khidmat Anee untuk certain activity jer macam city tour and island hopping. The rest of activities masa kat Phuket kami redah sendiri. using map and guide book. Baru lah adventure kan? Hiks! *wink*

So our tour on first day kat Phuket, we roamed the city. First makan breakfast dulu kat Karon Beach which is bawah sket dari Patong Beach. Then Anee took us to Karon Viewpoint. Here, you can see the coast of Patong Beach, Karon Beach and the coast of Phuket in general. The view is Subhanallah, memang sangat indah and splendid! Nampak laut dan laut dan laut, it is sooooo breathtaking. Sumpah tak tipu!

The signage of Karon Viewpoint and the view of the coast from the viewpoint. Cantek kan?

Us at the viewpoint. Muka masih fresh dan masih cerah yer masing-masing. Muahaha~

After the viewpoint, we rode along the road and Anee asked us if we wanna rode the elephant. Mula-mula semua jual mahal and tak nak. Then kitorang give in, and decided, alahh..tanya jer lah dulu berapa. Kalau mahal sangat, snap pic dengan gajah sudah lah. Then Anee said "for the Thai people, riding the elephant is believed akan buang sial". We looked at each other and terus "owh okai, that was cool. We could use some luck! hehe.." I guess masa tu semua pun ada agenda in life which could use a bit of sial remover. Haha. So next activity, elephant riding time! 

In front of the signage

Bila orang bandar naik gajah masuk hutan, macam nie lah gaya dia! Cool kan? Hakhakhak~ 

Sebab tak selalu naik gajah, maka saya siap record video untuk tatapan sahabat handai dan kaum keluarga serta rakan-rakan sekalian di Malaysia so korang pun dapat feel cane naik gajah. HAHA. Macam lah kat Malaysia tade gajah. Tah pape. LOL~

Macam kasar pulak cara bercakap dengan rakan-rakan. Maaf rakan-rakan. Hehehe. Next, we went to another viewpoint area named Laem Promthep. Di sini, view dia pun sangat cantik. Nampak lah laut terbentang luas, saujana mata memandang!  

Laem Promthep

The view from Laem Promthep viewpoint

Okai so korang tanya apa yang best kat viewpoint nie? Pemandangan yang sangat sangat sangat cantik, then ada temple and..pemandangan yang sangat cantik lagi. Okai tak saya jawab macam tu? Hehehe. Di Phuket and Thailand in general, hampir lebih dari 95% rakyat nya beragama Buddha. Jadi, adalah logik if wherever you go in Thailand, you will see lots and lots and lots of wat/temple. Beza dia, besar or kecik jer lah.

Bukan. Dia bukan sami Buddha. Dia cuma seronok nak bergambar dengan patung gajah yang banyak kat Wat nie..hehehehe

Next, Anee bawak kami ke Wat Chalong. Wat Chalong adalah kuil utama di Phuket and sangat besar plus very ornate.  If I am not mistaken, wat nie ada 3 level. For more info on Wat Chalong, klik SINI owrite? =) Later we found out, after travelling around Phuket that the souvenire here is wayyyyyy cheaper compared to other parts of Phuket which were gila cekik darah. Huuu~ So before balik, kitorg siap kembali ke sini before heading to Phuket Airport (walaupun arah nya berlawanan) semata-mata untuk beli souvenire. 

Wat Chalong

 Inside of Wat Chalong - First Floor. Yang duduk depan bukan patung Buddha tapi Ester, Merl and Yus.

 Souvenire shopping

Souvenire shopping. Ini mungkin aktiviti kegemaran sesetengah orang, but trust me this is our least favoured activity.  Selain dari $$$ melayang, otak jadi pening choosing the right momento for the right receiver. Adoi. Pening..pening~ saya beli keychain gajah jer untuk semua orang tak pe yer? -_- Next, Anee bawak kami ke tempat menjual mutiara. Sebab apa bawak kami ke sini? Sebab if Anee bawak tourist ke situ, maka dia dapat komisyen. As for us? Kitorang redah jer lah. Agak-agak mampu, kami beli. Agak-agak tak, kami buat-buat berminat and blah cepat-cepat. BORING.. -_-

The biggest oyster shell ever found. Whoa! Cool kan?

The biggest pearl. One fresh water pearl, one sea water pearl. Which is which, sila jangan tanya sebab saya tak pay attention pun masa dia explain. Lalala~

Next Anee took us to a jewellery and diamond center. Diamond center? Hahaha. Cam nak gelak lak bila sampai tempat tu. Banyak plak duet saya kan nak borong diamond. Haihh..merepek sungguh. Tapi, WTH layan kan ajelah right? =P Afterwords we went to cashewnut factory atau nama melayu nya, Kilang Gajus. Ada air gajus yang promoted to be a healthy drink. Gajus yang disalut pelbagai salutan macam cheese, wasabi, cili, honey etc. Sedap memang lah sedap, tapi mahal. Tak pelah, apa guna tester kalau bukan untuk di test dan dihabiskan..kan? Ahaks! 
 Cara-cara cashewnut is cracked

 Tequila one shot. Eh bukan yer! Nie air gajus campur soda. Sedap jugak~

 Kami dengan Anee depan Kilang Gajus

Then Anee bawak kami ke tempat jual t-shirt yang berkualiti. By then memang dah penat, plus LAPAR. Aihh..ini adalah our last stop before tempat yang jadi the highlight of our day, Simon Cabaret, the ladyboy show! Bosan pulak tengok tshirt nie semua then we headed to Simon Cabaret. Wee-huuuu~!! Unfortunately, kat dalam show tak leh amek gambar. A fail attempt untuk amek gambar by Merl and Ester telah membuatkan kitorang kena monitor dengan usher kat situ. Hahaha. Next time nak amek gambar curi, jangan lupa nak off flash eh? =P Gambar ladyboy di bawah nie, saya dah habis tapis untuk sesuai bagi tatapan umum. Heee~ Gambar yang lain, diorang sangat lah daring. Saya nak tengok pun segan!

 Yang menggamit mintak peluk nie, macam the joker of the show. Super klakar mamat nie err..minah nie..errr..ape-ape jer ler~ -_-

Simon Cabaret pretty much end the tour of the day, After hantar kami pulang ke guesthouse, Anee balik and kami berehat kejap. Kejap jer rehat. Malam masih muda and there are still a lot to explore sekitar Patong Beach. So lepas membersihkan diri, kami keluar semula untuk makan and jalan-jalan. Plus saya tak bawak selipar, so nak cari selipar sekali. Nightlife at Phuket, especially Patong is very crazy. At Bangla Road, pub sand bars line up with pole dancer dancing on the table. Kat area dalam-dalam sket, we discovered ada banyak strip club. Hehehe.

Bangla Road nightlife. Owh takot~ Merl dan peminatnya. Hihi. Carilah pole dancer tu kalo korang terer!

Hard Rock Phuket ada bubble party.Kitorang tengok dari luar jer~

Later after that, we were all dah penat gilaaaa plus esok kitorang nak pergi island hopping kat Phi Phi Island., so we call it a day. Selipar pun dah beli, so its time to rest. Saya stop kat sini dulu, bagi chance korang jeles tengok gambar and tengok video yang tah pape..hahaha. I end my entry with this, my favourite picture on our first day kat Phuket. Cheers!

Escapisme. To be away from reality temporarily, to feel the freedom of soul and mind, at peace with nature. Adventure.


p/s : click picture to enlarge!! *wink*

Wednesday, May 25, 2011



Bila? Bila? Bila nak update pasal pegi Phuket tu?? Bila? Arrghhhhh..banyak sangat cerita. Plus gambar yang best. Macam panjanggggggg~ Bila nak update pun tak taw lahai. Isk!

Nantilah update, bila rajin. Ahaks! Cheers~


Monday, May 23, 2011

Pantun Empat Kerat


Apa diharap padi seberang,  
Entahkan jadi entahkan tidak,  
Apa diharap kasih nya orang,  
Entahkan sudi entahkan tidak.


p/s : tanam padi sendiri lagi bagus.. -_-

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Choice of Rhythm : No Other - Super Junior

11 AM

Lagu nie macam best pulak untuk dilayan. Haha. Sebab Siwon cam cute gila! *sigh* Happy listening~


Monday, May 16, 2011

Roaming! Roadtrip #8a : HATYAI, Thailand

Ola homosapiens! Gila lama saya tak update blog nie. Fuhh..fuhh~ *tiup habuk* hehehe. Since balik dari backpacking trip to Phuket and Hatyai, tak sempat lagi nak update. Macam-macam dah berlaku since balik tu, nak update pun jadi tade mood! Skarang nie sebab dah bosan tahap gaban, maka saya punr merajin kan lah diri untuk menghapdet. Hehehe. Eh ada siap kena sound dengan stranger kat chat box tepi nie sebab tak update blog. Macam taw jer anda nie sapa incik stranger..yeler saya update lah nie ya? =P

Okai, so nak start story about our most anticipated roadtrip adventure ever! This time bukan dalam Malaysia but we went to Hatyai and Phukter *angkat-angkat kening* Lama gila dah beli tiket,  since September 2010 taw. At first macam tak sure if i'm going to make it or not but since this entry is already written so it means, I made it to Phuket and Hatyai! Hihihi. It was a 5 days trip where kitorg took off from LCCT to Hatyai, then dari Hatyai we rode a mini van to Phuket and from Phuket back to Malaysia by airplane. The best part is, kitorg tak ikot mana-mana tour pakej pun. Pandai-pandai sendiri jer redah but of course la base on research yang kitorang dah buat before leaving. Gila apa kan, tak buat research pastu men hentam jer pegi negara orang. Ada yang kena jual nanti..hee! There were four of us yang pergi which are saya, Ester, Merl dan Yus. Kitorang berkumpul kat KLIA pukol 9 a.m tapi saya dah bertolak ke UKM untuk jumpa dengan Ester, Floe, Syah, Mushyai dan Rin pukol 7 lagi. Gila mengantuk..dah lah semalaman tak tido sebab pindah barang dari rumah lama ke rumah baru (terima kasih Iliyas for the help), tapi kena jugak gerak awal sebab flight kami diawalkan dari pukul 11.45 to 11 am. Aiyaa..super-duper sleepy nie -_-

the backpackers : photo curik dari blog Floe =P
(masa nie, semua masih mengekalkan tahap kecerahan kulit masing-masing. nak tercabut jugak lah bahu bawak beg Deuter nie..nasib lah tough -_- )

the penghantar : photo curik dari blog Floe =P
(thanx sebab hantar kami ke airport. korang memang sweet!)

KL to Hatyai took about 2 hours. Macam lama jugak tak naik kapal terbang so of course lah, fear of flying tu menyerang dengan dasyat nya. Erkk..memalukan sungguh! -_- Sesampai di Hatyai, cuaca mendung dan hujan. Oh well, it was expected anyway sebab Thailand masa tu tengah banjir. Alhamdulillah trip kami tak terkesan pun dengan banjir tu. Kalo tak rugi wooo! Hehehe. Sampai di Hatyai, masing-masing sibuk nak on roaming. Saya ada mission kenapa saya pergi bercuti and niat memang tak nak pun on roaming. Tapi kan bila sampai, nak lah jugak roger mama kan tapi turns put, saya tak leh on roaming sebab tak register dulu kat Celcom. Okai fine, nak sangat hilang, Tuhan dah makbulkan hasrat kamu Az. Saya hanya mampu memandang Ester, Merl dan Yus dok men sms and call rakan-rakan dan saudara di Malaysia. Whatever~ (dalam hati cam sangat stress.hahaha)

From airport kitorang naik teksi, redah ke terminal bas sebab nak beli tiket bas ke Phuket. The teksi guy bukan faham sangat pun apa kitorang cakap and sama lah, kami pun tak faham apa dia cakap. Masa tu baru sedar lah, weyhh..aku dah sampai negara asing yang kalo aku cakap apaaaa pun dorang nie tak faham. hahaha..maka sesi bercakap tanpa tapisan pun bermula. Driver teksi tu sengih jer dengar apa kitorang cakap, tak faham lah tu. Ngee..siap dia pun nak join sembang tapi kami diam jer sebab masing-masing macam blur..tak faham kan, nak reply apa kat dia. english pun dia tak faham. Driver teksi dah cam ayam sesat lam kandang merak (cewahh..comparison tak leyh blah.ahaks!). Setelah sampai, kitorang pun meraba la cari tiket bas. Turns out, since jalan ke Phuket banjir, tak ada bas yang akan pegi ke Phuket. Adoi..maka terpaksa naik mini van. Tambang satu kepala adalah 350 baht which is around RM35. Okai lah kot, cam tambang tiket nak balik Penang. Since masa bertolak lamaaaaa lagi, we decided to explore the town of Hatyai a bit. Alang-alang dah sampai kan? =)

 the best way to jalan-jalan tanpa hala tujuan ialah dengan naik tuk-tuk

musykil kan? nie bukan mini van yang kitorang akan naik. ini adalah tuk-tuk -_-

Hatyai is most known among tourist for its shopping attraction. Kitorang ke mall untuk cari makanan sebab perut pun dah lapar dan jalan-jalan along the street watching the people of Hatyai. Nak cerita banyak pun, tak taw nak cerita apa, tengok gambar jelah ya? Hee~

Lepas perut dah kenyang, jalan-jalan cari pasal and tengok orang ^_^

Public phone di Hatyai
(Action jer nie, si Merl mana faham instruction nak guna public phone nie sebab dalam bahasa Siam. hehehe)

Pos Ofis bergerak. Cool kan? =)

Okai time's up! Masa untuk tahan tuk-tuk untuk kali kedua sebab nak balik ke terminal bas. Dah tak sabar nak ke Phuket. The journey will took around 6-8 hours and since kami bertolak pun dah petang dalam pukol 430pm (tu tak masuk si van nie pergi merayap merata Hatyai dan sepanjang ke Phuket nak amek passenger) maka hampir tengah malam baru kami sampai ke Phuket. Cerita about Phuket, nanti saya cerita dalam next entry. Hehehe. Awesome gila experience kami kat sana, sumpah tak tipu. With this saya upload a video masa kami dalam tuk-tuk.So I leave you guys here for a while, tengok video, tengok gambar, dengar lagu and will continue later, owrite? Assalam, Cheers!


Choice of Rhythm : Penakut - Yuna

A song, can describe that one particular indescribable feeling.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pelangi Petang

Ia indah. Lengkungan warna-warni ajaib Sang Pelangi. Fenomena kejadian Sang Pelangi sendiri sangat ajaib. Sang Pelangi yang terbentuk dari cahaya putih yang dibiaskan oleh matahari. Warna-warna yang indah dipandang. Keajaiban Sang Pencipta, yang mampu membuat kita terdiam dalam ketakjuban dan memuji kebesaran Yang Maha Esa. Membuat hati mengagumi bagaimana langit mampu menyimpan macam-macam khazanah indah dan terjadi kerana hukum alam yang ditetapkan oleh Tuhan. Indah bukan? Dan apabila pelangi beransur hilang, a sense of lost akan terasa..dan mula rasa rindu nak tengok pelangi lagi. Mengapakah sesuatu yang indah itu, muncul hanya untuk sementara?

Sama seperti perasaan itu. Ia indah. Ia suci. Ia membahagiakan. Ia penuh warna-warni dan menakjubkan.  Penuh kerinduan. Sehingga hati sering mahukan ia kekal dan selalu di hati dan tak  akan pernah pergi.  Tapi seperti pelangi, ia juga akan hilang bila sampai masanya. Akan kah ia hilang? Jika ia hilang, will the same sense of lost will be felt? Bilakah ia akan hilang? Jawapan itu, hanya Tuhan yang tahu. 

Ia tidak akan hilang jika kita tak mahu ia hilang. Di dalam hati, Pelangi itu tetap akan selalu ada. Hence, we remembered the colours of the rainbow. Live for the moment and absorb the colours. It might not will last forever, but dalam hati kita, it will. Who knows, mungkin memang pelangi itu untuk kita, juga rasa bahagia  dan rindu yang datang bersama nya itu. Insya-Allah.

~ tiada yang kekal melainkan Allah SWT ~


P/S : I gave him his birthday present and we saw a curve of a rainbow yesterday. Both of us can see the curve of both side perfectly but not the top. Oh well, that should be expected since at our angle, in the middle of the rainbow, the sun is quite bright. but it does kinda sweet watching rainbow with someone special. I mean, its a rainbow right? bukan terjadi selalu. Tiada timing yang spesifik untuk ia muncul and bila dia rasa nak tunjuk diri yang cantik tu, ia akan tunjuk. Maka kami adalah insan terpilih itu untuk menyaksikan kebesaran Tuhan itu bersama. Subhanallah =) Ahaha. Sweet lah konon? Tolong lah~~


Friday, March 25, 2011

Doa of The Day : Doa for Love

Expressing one’s love to another

Inni uhibbuka fillah.

I love you for the pleasure of God.


Reply To One Who Expresses His/Her Love

Ahabbakal-ladhi ahbabtani lahu.

May He, for whose pleasure you loved me, love you also. 
Source :

Thursday, March 24, 2011

All I want To Do


One day in my life, I just wanna play squash till I am beat, then jump into the pool/swimming in the ocean, went hiking and eat and eat. All the while with those I love. Laughing like an idiot. Feeling carefree and worry-free. Nothing can makes me feel miserable.

I just want to be happy. Carefree. Like I use to be. I missed my old self. Now I am just a messed up fool.


Please Ya Allah?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


“Demi Allah yang jiwaku di tangannya! Tidak Allah memutuskan sesuatu ketentuan bagi seorang mukmin melainkan ada kebaikan baginya dan tiada kebaikan itu kecuali bagi mukmin jika memperoleh kegembiraan, dia berterima kasih bererti kebaikan baginya. Jika ditimpa kesulitan dia bersabar bererti kebaikan baginya.” - Rasulullah SAW


Friday, March 11, 2011

Treasure Hunting Mission~!

4.45 p.m

Hari ini hari Jumaat. Yippieeee~!! Kenapa happy? sebab hari ni Jumaat. Esok Sabtu dan lusa Ahad..cuti beb. Mesti lah happy.hehehe. Sekarang, saya tengah rajin baca cerita Shaman King. Dulu selalu baca kat komik yang blockmate saya, Huda selalu beli. Arena kot, ke Kreko tah. From komik tu jatuh cinta dengan Kurosaki Ichigo of Bleach and Shaman King. Saya suka karekter Asakura Yoh yang agak sambil lewa and relax ja walaupun cam tengah facing bahaya. The more saya baca, tiba-tiba jadi suka dengan karekter bakal isteri Yoh which is, Anna Kyoyama. Kenapa? Hahaha..tiba-tiba rasa macam ada persamaan antara dia dengan saya. Perasan jap! Hihi~ The way dia have faith pada Yoh macam menaikkan semangat Yoh walaupon time tu macam susah jer nak menang battle. Then Anna cam lagi terer dari Yoh tapi dia tak amik limelight dari Yoh and instead, dia train Yoh supaya jadi lagi power. Yeahhh..caya lah Anna. Yoh pun macam takut kat Anna sebab Anna garang, tegas and outspoken, tapi Yoh tahu, apa yang Anna buat untuk kebaikan dia. Ape tah saya mengarut ni. Heh!

Anyway, petang ni ada misi dengan Natrah! Doakan misi mencari harta karun ni berjaya. Tolong Ya Allah, saya tak tahu lah apa yang saya buat ni betul ke tak, dah mintak petunjuk dalam solat dan hati saya dah tetap nak beli harta karun tu, cuma tolonglah semoga saya akan beroleh kebaikan dari misi ini. In what ways, tak taw lah tapi walau macam mana pun, saya redha. Kamahuan tanpa usaha, tak boleh jugak jadi ini adalah salah satu usaha saya dan selebih nya saya serah kan kepada Mu, Tuhan. Semoga usaha ini diberkati. AMIN~ 

Eh baca saja? cepatlah amin kan doa saya tu..! Terima kasih. Hiks~ =) Till then, nantikan apekah kesudahan misi saya nanti. Hehehe. Poyo ah Azx, misi merepek apa tah. Have a nice Friday people. Cheers~!



Choice Of Rhythm : Pictures of You - The Last Goodbye

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Too outspoken for your own good eh?

6 p.m

So you're the type who are too outspoken for your own good? Maybe once a while you should try to hold your tongue instead of being too outspoken and hurt somebody else feeling, especially those who matter to you. ESPECIALLY TO THOSE WHO MATTER. Because we kinda have that tendency to hurt the feeling of people we love and care about by speaking our mind and not considering their feeling. 

Kenapa ya, senang sangat nak naik darah or marah-marah dengan orang yang kita sayang and close dengan kita? Sebab bila kita marah macam mana pun, mereka tak kan tinggal kan kita dan mereka, dapat accept kita just the way we are (tiba-tiba nak nyanyi lagu Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars. Hehe). Eh ye ke macam tu? Betul lah, if mereka tak dapat terima kita seadanya, dah lama mereka lari dari kali pertama lagi kita hurt their feeling. But that doesn't mean you can take advantage on them dengan mengabaikan feelings mereka. Apa sangat lah yang kita ada sampai diorang nak stay and tahan dengan our words and our actions yang at times can be really selfish and hurtful (and the best part is, korang sendiri taw perbuatan tu hurt their feeling tapi saja buat-buat tak taw), unless korang neh anak orang kaya yang banyak duit and asyik support member.

Yeah in time they will forgive you but somehow, the damage is already done and the cut can become a scar. Just pray that the wound from your word can be healed in a short time and bear NO SCAR. Next time when you are about to say something stupid and create a spark of arguement..shut up and hang up. That's better than saying anything stupid and regretting them later.

Ingat tu ya? Just bit your tongue and most importantly SHUT UP. You'll be thankful later. It's better sakit hati at that time, rather than hurting other people's feeling because in the end, you can choose, nak walkaway sebab tak tahan dengan mereka ataupun nak mereka yang walkaway sebab tak tahan dengan kamu. If mereka yang walkaway, trust me, you'll have the deepest regret. Bukan senang taw nak cari orang yang tahan dengan sikap kita, but they did. You never ask them to stay, but they did. You never ask them to walkaway, but your attitude did that on your behalf..
So, again, bit your tongue and shut up. When you're about to say anything hurtful, imagine your life without them. Eh tak best kan? Mesti macam sunyi jer dah tak ada orang nak ajak bergaduh, ketawa, menyanyi dan apa-apa jelah aktiviti yang korang selalu buat dengan orang yang korang rapat dan sayang. Huhu. Patah tumbuh hilang berganti and kawan datang dan pergi tapi, hilang matahari tak mungkin dapat berganti dengan lampu, hatta lampu neon yang paling terang dan paling panas sekalipun. So, as a Malay saying goes, jangan kerana mulut badan binasa~ Cheers~!

p/s : i taw you tak kan baca ni, but then, i am sorry~ honestly i do.. =(

Will You..?

Dear You,

If I'm sad, would you try and cheer me up?

If I cry, would you dry my tears?

If I laugh, would you laugh with me?

If I smile, would you keep me smiling?

If I'm down, would you bend and pick me up?

If I sing, will you sing with me?

If I run, will you run after me?

If I'm scared, will you chase away my fear?

If I'm happy, will you be happy for me?

If I need you, will you be there for me?

If I love you, will you love me too?
Will you...?


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Choice of Rhythm : I Think I - Byul


Aaarrrghhhhhh~!!! Tak perlu kot macam ne...


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Roaming! (CNY Edition) Roadtrip #7b : Lumut - Taman Paya Bakau - Lost World Tambun


Ola! Pagi nie saya masuk ofis awal and decided..saya MALAS nak buat kerja! Err..kejap lagi lah kot baru buat kerja. Hehehe =P Anyway, I should probably continue the entry about our roadtrip to Perak during the previous CNY holiday. After having breakfast which consisted of maggi in cup, bubur segera, roti dan tuna dan air milo / nescafe yang semuanya 3 in 1 (hehehe..jimat kan?), we started packing and cleaning the house before proceeding with our plan. When everything was already settled, and dah cukup korum, kami memulakan perjalanan ke destinasi seterusnya, Bandar Lumut and kali nie saya yang drive. Syok jugak dapat drive kereta Satrio Neo si Izzat. Dulu pernah berangan nak beli tapi bila memikirkan kemudahan untuk masa depan, terus tak jadi. Cam kesian jer kalo imagine mama ngan abah nak masuk lam kereta. Nanti dah masuk tak boleh keluar tanpa terseliuh pinggang. Hehehe. I am happy with the car I own now, it's not much but at least it's mine =)  (I love you my Black Raven~).

Pemandangan di Bandar Lumut. Awan tu macam gula-gula kapas kan? Grrr~ geram gila!

Pemandangan lain di Bandar Lumut. Sila abaikan amoi di dalam gambar ini =P

The drive from Segari to Lumut took us about half an hour since kami berkonvoi so tak boleh lah selfish and bawak laju-laju. Sesampai di Lumut, the drivers kena stay dalam kereta sebab susah nak cari parking so yang pergi membeli-belah adalah penumpang ja. Tak aci kan? Tapi bagus gak lah, tak ade lah abis duet beli tah pape nanti. The town was a bit crowded, holiday kan, that should be expected. Saya dan Floe lepak-lepak dalam kereta (it was hot outside anyway, malas nak keluar) while Izzat and Sazali pergi borong sotong gula untuk kami. Terbalik lak..laki yang pergi shopping, perempuan tunggu dalam kereta. Then bila dah park kereta, kitorang berjalan-jalan di tepi jeti sambil menunggu pemborong-pemborong sotong gula pulang dengan hasil borongan masing-masing~

Aha..bagi saya, pintu gerbang nie macam agak rare. Comel kan ada ketam ngan kerang macam tu~ Hihi..

Oh okai..nie gambar wajib bagi menandakan bahawa 'WE ARE HERE'..err..apekah, ada kaitan ker? huhu~
(Pic credit to Floe)

Our next destination is Taman Paya Bakau. Which is kinda unexpected sebab kitorang ingat akan ke Tambun terus. Tiba-tiba leader konvoi membelok ke satu kawasan hutan. Imagine our frustration! Ahahaha~ Punyalah mengharap akan terus ke Tambun Lost World and dapat bermandi-manda, tapi malangnya dibawa ke hutan pulak. Kelakar oh bila ingat balik~ Anyway, alang-alang dah sampai, kami pun turun lah jugak dan berjalan-jalan di dalam Taman Paya Bakau nie dan menghayati keindahan flora dan fauna nya. Ada jambatan gantung semua tapi since kitorg excited nak pergi tempat lain, tengok jambatan gantung tu pun rasa tak excited mana.  But then we saw a lot of it's fauna, such as ketam sepit besar sebelah, ikan belacak and siput-siput. Honestly, I was a bit jakun when Airol showed me this one crab. Oh okai, so kat paya bakau pun ada ketam and ketam dia macam rare and pelbagai. How ignorant of me all this while..masa cikgu ajar habitat paya bakau dulu tak pay attention so nie lah akibat dia~ hehehe~

Taman Paya Bakau

Muka-muka orang excited nak pergi Tambun Lost World

Gambar nie sebenarnya saya ambil gambar ketam. Tapi macam tak nampak right? Haha..yelah ketam tu sangat halus. Kalau korang terer, cubalah cari..mana ketam tu. Haaa..taw dah sure tak nampak. Belek sampai hidung cium monitor PC pun belum tentu korang nampak ketam tu. hahaha..

Yang saya bulatkan dengan green coloured circle tu are the crabs. Still tak jelas but at least saya bagitahu kan ketam tu yang mana. Hee..jangan marah! =P After a brief discussion, we decided to separate with Kak Jai and her team since we need to be at Tambun as early as possible. The theme park will be closed at 6 p.m and right now at 2 p.m we're still nowhere in getting closer to the park. Perut pun dah mula lapar sebab makan megi jer. Huhu. So we said our goodbyes and thanked Kak Jai for her hospitality and headed to our next destination, Tambun Lost World. Masalah sekarang, nobody knows how to get there..haha. Masa nie, bersyukur lah sebab pakai handphone canggih yang ada GPS. Walaupun handphone saya lagi canggih dari Jali, tapi GPS Jali lagi canggih dari saya. Duhhh~ sabar jelah saya -.-" Since kitorang paling canggih antara ketiga-tiga kereta, maka kami yang lead. GPS membawa kami meredahi pekan-pekan dalam Perak. Tah mana hala tah GPS nie bawak, tak kesah lah janji sampai dengan cepat. And in half an hour, kami sampai ke Bandar Ipoh dan Tambun Lost World. Yeahhhh~!! Mari mandi~~ Entrance macam mahal, RM38 per person. Uhuhu..air free ada tapi gatal nak mandi air mahal yang dalam takat peha jer. Hahaha..ape-ape jelah.

Tambun Lost World (pic  credit to Floe)

After Tambun, kami terus pulang ke Bangi dengan kepenatan yang amat sangat. All in all it was one memorable roadtrip to add to my roadtrip collection. The activities might not really what we expected but then, I guess what I treasure most in this roadtrip is the quality time spend with my dear one. Thank you guys for another unforgettable experience. This will not be the end of our roadtrip. Insya-Allah~ So I end this entry with this one pic of the guys. Aha..rasa cam nak promote 3 pendekar gagah nie ( sila belanja sebab dah puji banyak sangat neh~ =P ). So till next entry..Cheers people! =)

Pilih-pilih yang mana berkenan~