Sunday, January 31, 2010

A letter for Awak

Dearest my dear Awak,

Today : 31st January 2010
Do you still remember? Today, on this very date last month you told me the news.

I dunno why you did what you did..and how you could do all dat you do to me..
I dunno how can a person i love so much can be so heart-less and cruel.

Today, it's already been A MONTH since you left me with the cold and selfish reality you forced upon me.
You are getting engaged, you said.

This month would have been 9 month we're together
But unfortunately, you choose to end all this with the most cruel way one can imagine.Very convenient.

I was so heart-broken I thought I would never get back on my feet again.
I cried every night from missing you, from asking my self why all this happened to me..why you, of all people did this to me.
But I thanked Allah SWT, for He gave me lots of supportive and concern friends who love me and was there to guide me out from my sadness. 

I refused to believe you are as heart-less as you seem to be potrayed by your act
I refused to believe that you never ever LOVE me 
You came back to me twice, and for what reason..only you and God knows it
But though no matter how hard I rejected, the reality always hit me back on my face..YOU ARE, in fact are CRUEL and a LIAR. I was blinded by my un-conditional love to you. I was..I admit, STUPID. But you, when you lied to me, you also lied to yourself.

Thank you Awak, for doing all this to me. I will try to make it without you somehow.
I matter how hard it is, even if it kills me. I will smile and laugh like before, even if it fake and even if it kills me. I will be more glorified than before..and no, i wont make myself fair-skinned because an outdoor person like me, are really proud with my sun-kissed tanned skin.

I am all out of faith, and all out of hope, my sayang. 
I pray that Allah SWT forgive everything you did to me, because I still, for once in our relationship, couldn't find it in my heart to forgive you.
You hurt me beyond repair and it will take such a miracle to make me bounced like before.WTH. It hurt like hell Awak..

You already walked out from that door sayang, please don't turn back, no matter how much you missed me.
I'm doin' fine without you and if you are not doing fine without me, it is your problem and not mine.

It's been a month now, and I wanna bade you Good-bye. Have a nice life (if you can..).In case you are wondering..No, I dunt miss you ( I won't allowed myself to miss you, even if it kills me). No, I wont ask you to stay since you're so keen to walk-away. Now turn around sayang and keep walking. You choosed that path sayang, now walk along it.Stop thinking about me like you want me to stop thinking about you.I will stop loving you..even if it kills me.No, you already did that.

Till our path cross again (and it will, its just a matter of time, Insya-Allah).Goodbye Awak..

P/s : Revenge is so not my style..

Love : Saya

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Her name is Irah

Shahirah Nadiah
She's my ex-roomate when i was doing my masters
Why i care about her?

Because she's one of those rare people who really cares about me. Un-conditionally.

Thanx Irah.
Kak Azx sayang Irah banyak banyak..
Bintang kat langit pon kalah taw! Hee~
 Sisters owez-owez.. =)

Comments @ FB : January 27, 2010

My status
Azfarina Ribenazx : my mind is like an open desert..empty and barren.
Today at 12:12pm · Comment ·Like.Unlike


Muhammad Izzat Ilmin
pour it with some water of knowledge... make it bloom again! (cewah... sastera~)
Today at 12:21pm ·

Azfarina Ribenazx it goes : my knowledge is like an oasis in my desert.expanding.still..there's just too much empty spaces it makes me feel greedy to fill it up.. (sastera abiz ne..)
Today at 12:25pm ·

Muhammad Izzat Ilmin
knowledge must be treat with patient, my young padawan... Greed to fill it up will caused flood, and flood only cause chaos! Approach knowledge with caution!! (amacam? hehheh :p)
Today at 12:33pm ·

Azfarina Ribenazx
Jap-jap..padawan tuh ape?tade pon dlm kamus sastera aku..
Today at 12:38pm ·

Muhammad Izzat Ilmin
padawan ialah pelatih Jedi... ko tak tgk star wars?? aku ingatkan sumer movie goers mesti tgk star wars... o.0
Today at 12:43pm ·

Azfarina Ribenazx
aku x bape minat star-wars..ouwh baiklah.sambung balik : Flood is a blessing as the dessert is a barren place, the dessert itself is suck what-ever little rain falls upon it.a barren desert, a barren soul.desert is a greedy place.. (campur sket scince ngan sastera..hahaha..)
Today at 12:50pm ·

Muhammad Izzat Ilmin
then, flood on the desert will be an irony... as all water goes straight suck in the soil, then there will be nothing else to evaporate, thus, rain would be rare... two greed doesn't make it right, rite?

(ada campur jgk kan?? hehheh.. I wonder does this one make sense at all, hmm...)
Today at 12:56pm ·

Azfarina Ribenazx
Under the dessert is a rich reservoir..just like a stingy man with a fat bank appear barren in the surface, but the desert is rich underneath.Fear not, old-jedi..the rain shall fall a million days.have faith empty dessert..thee shall be full again..

(ape kene mngena plak ne ngan status aku?)
Today at 1:00pm ·

Muhammad Izzat Ilmin
desert... kan ke status ko ade tulis desert...? lol!

and, kita xpanggil old-Jedi, beb, Master Jedi, more like it!! "D
Today at 1:06pm ·

Merlinda Bernard
eh u 2 org..siap berpuitis lagi samapi ke dessert. but im so amazed! sambung2..silai sila...
Today at 4:18pm ·

Azfarina Ribenazx
hahaha..seronok plak merl eh baca kitorg mengarut..hahaha..nak samb la ne.tadi xde idea..

Master Jedi, a tree in the middle of the barren shade to those sun-burned. Giving soul to the empty heart..

jwb Jat..jwb..Merl nak jwb pon bleh..hehehe..
Today at 4:23pm ·

Muhammad Izzat Ilmin
then, there's still 'a new hope'~ (Star wars episode IV)

Merl, dtg r sambung, kui3 :p
Today at 6:52pm ·


The comments stopped as i already went home and i believed so did Merl. Caya-lah Jatt! Kita bleh published buku puisi bertajuk:  "When Science meet Sastera : The Crashed of Elements "

Comment ter-akhir ko Jatt..Answered my status. Thanx bro..

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


6.45 a.m
Tik! A text from mama "Ada surat interview dari kerajaan"
Awal gile mama ne msg..uhuhu..later la call and suro dia bukak surat tuh.. *berdebar* tapi..Zzzz~

* G UKM..amek elaun refree. Breakfast wif Estot+Syah @ Fareez Maju. Shoot to office *

A : Salam. Ma, Rena ne..u said i got a letter from government? betol ker interview? ke baru exam?
(Adoi, please dunt let it be exam PTD lagi..i hate it..urgghhh~)

M : Ha'ah..dia tulis sini mcm tu. Nak bukak?

A : Yes, please. Mama baca ya? Tengok kan ek..untuk jawatan apa, kat agensi kerajaan mana and bila date of interview..Rena hold on sat..

M : Peg. Penyelidik Fizik (alphabet ape x ingat..) 41. For Agensi Nuklear. Date interview 23/xx/2010..

A : *speech-less* Err..err..goverment..hmmm...i'll think about it okai Ma? (Agensi in ATOM la ne..(previously known as MINT)..adeh..dekat sangat ha..dengan UKM..WTH! No wayyyy~)

M : Government secure..dapat elaun..

A : Yeah, i know (tapi gaji sikit! total elaun tuh dunt even add up to my salary now..haihh~)..i'll think about it..Dunt worry.Got to go, got work to do. Later Ma..Salam.

*Hang up*

Interview jer baru..rite? Chances are..i dunt even get it. Tapi..what if i do? Bulih ker reject..kang x pasal kene black-list!

I like my job now..the environment, the collegues..the bosses..all of 'em are cool and x sombong pon. But at the same time, nak juge try macam mana pegawai kerajaan punye interview is like..

I dislike living in PJ (even dreaded the idea of moving), I like living in Bangi. Comfort zone bak kata Qayyum.

Jadi Pegawai Kerajaan banyak protokol..I ain't good with rules.

Government officer dapat elaun..My job now tade elaun.. (tapi gaji ko gempak..bak kata Jue. Yelah ko!)

I have to leave Bangi..because I couldn't stand anything that remind me of that heart-less person.

But I wanna stay sebab my bestie is here, squash is here..

Mama cam suka jer kalo sy kije kat Bangi and jadi Gov. Officer..kalo Abah taw, sure kene buat betol-betol time interview. Kalo xg, sure dia PTD hari tu..adoi.

Adoi...Dilemma? Ya Allah, bantu lah hamba mu ne...


"Azx, JK panggil.."
Tersentak jap sy. Mana tah CSWIP requirement yang JK suro print tadi..Uhuhu...              

Monday, January 25, 2010

Choice of Rhythm : How's It Going To Be - Third Eye Blind (3eb)

I know..I know, this song is...oldddddd~ but despite that, i think this is one of Third Eye Blind best song.And, yeah i like it..Dat'z why it's here as my choice of rhythm for the day.Hehehe..Plus, other than Steve Tyler, i think Stephan Jenkins has a pair of the bluest blue eyes.Biru mata hitamku.hehe..Let's go back down the memory lane to the days when this song is still brand new..1997 if i aint mistaken. So here's 3eb track, song titled -  How is it going to be, taken from their debut self-titled album (released in April, 1997) for your ear candy. Happy listening. Cheers!

for more info/music on this band, feel free to visit their official website :

SUKEM - Squash event

SUKEM : January 23 - January 24

Tiap-tiap tahun sy jadi atlet. Tiap-tiap tahun sambil jadi atlet sy jadi refree. Skang ne, dah abiz study..pon kene jadi refree jugak. Refree konon? Kali ne punye SUKEM, secara tiba-tiba kena jadi penyalaras ad-hoc. Cane eh tu..mula-mula inform suro jadi refree jer..bila sy dtg dat Saturday mowning, dengan muka baru bangun tido (fresh from shower) with my short+shirt, players dah warm-up (i was half an hour late pulak..hehe.aku kan refree.lalala~), tengok-tengok xde officer pon..and the only person yang experienced enough to handle+manage event ne at the squash (horror!)..ME..adoi. Annoyed sungguh masa tuh! Dalam hati, i went like, WTH? aku ker yang kene co-ordinate SUKEM?? Kalo ye pon, nape la x inform awal-awal..i dunt have a single damn clue 'bout what's happening. Mode of playing..draw..qualifying..and to be honest i was so bloody blur sebab baru bangun tido. Plus this is WEEK-END beb..The only 2 day of the week sy bleh rehat-rehat doing laundry and all..siap dah plan nak balik rumah KL, bawak my lil' bro Boy outing and jalan-jalan cari makan. Haih..macam-macam la korang ne! So, nak x nak i have to handle the event by my own. Lucky anak-anak buah player MASUM is around and ever so loyal in carrying out my order. At this moment, i so wish that Toby or Amri is around..haih..nape la korang kije jauh sangat.. =( Then, Hadzli from Pusat Sukan datang bagi score sheet and squash ball (Thanx Li..) and jadual pertandingan. Dia pon clue-less jugak pasal squash..and so does most of officer kt Pusat not their fault la pon kan. All this while pon, team UKM sy yang jaga. Haihh..i can see today will be a longggg~ instead of grumpying and whining around, best get things started and make the best of everything.What-ever..

While studying the fucking jadual, i was wondering who the hell yang handle meeting during phase of explaining rules and all. And when it comes to the phase of carrying out the event, suddenly sy pulak kene handle. Macam haram? Agak ar..what-ever. So, mode of playing is team event. The draw is already done. Score sheet dah ade.Bola dah ade.Court in good-condition.Time to welcome the team, explaining the rules, team registration and..get the ball rolling. Alhamdulillah, things went smoothly. Every player gave me full co-operation..(sure cam takot kan sebab sy agak menyinga pagi tuh..haha..tegas beb, gua tegas. Ask my player for the confirmation) and full respect (korang x caya ker sy adalah co-ordinator game? Haha..) Everything goes according to jadual and my estimation, during the first day and the second day.

Though cam menyirap sebab secara tiba-tiba kena jadi co-ordianator, but i had fun joking around with my juniors and refreeing their game. Macam-macam gaya ade ne masa match.Hehehe..kelakar okai! Sy dok kat atas tuh, konon muka serious tapi Tuhan jer taw la cane nak tergelak tengok dorang dalam court. So the winner of SUKEM 2009/2010 for Squash Game is KTSN and 1st runner up goes to KBH (Auummmm~).
Bangga la when tengok Kong, Yazid, A'mmar, Hariz, Iqa, Lee and Din punya match. They improved damn a lot..hehe..x sia-sia kena membebel+denda+tengking+maki ngan Kak Azx yek? hahaha.. Thanx to korang jugak for helping around and bantu jadi refree..dah pandai ya ada team spirit? *wink*. Special thanx to Abg Fizan and Hadzli from Unit Sukan sebab sudi datang jenguk huru-hara ke x court squash tu bawah jagaan sy.hehehe. Owh..Elaun nanti sy datang amek! ngeh ngeh ngeh...

Next? i was thinking about calling the short-listed player to compete for MASUM selection AND..the most awaited event, Kejohanan Squash Tertutup UKM Piala Dato' Hood. Ramai ternanti-nanti kejohanan tuh..sabar ye korang. Insya-Allah, if tiada aral-melintang after MASUM, around end of February boleh la lakasanakan event tuh (aiseh..aku jugak la ne kene shuffle back and forth from UKM to PJ..tapi x pe, Santa got many trusted lil' helper.Hihihi~). Kena dapat approval from tuan punya piala sendiri, Ayahanda Dato' Hood dulu..Till then, rajin-rajin la meriahkan court squash UKM tuh okai?

Cheers! *wink*

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Everyday Story







i missed you.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Choice of Rhythm : Try sleeping with a broken heart - Alicia Keys

This is specially dedicated to a certain someone.

To Him : I guess if you read this you know for sure it is meant for you. I just want you to know that, though it's hard, i'm gonna find a way to make it without you tonight and every night..

Have you ever tried sleeping with a broken heart?
Well, you could try sleeping in my bed..


Even if you were a million miles away
I could still feel you in my bed
Near me, touch me, feel me
And even at the bottom of the sea
I could still hear inside my head 
Telling me, touch me, feel me

And all the time you were tellin' me lies

So tonight, I'm gonna find a way to make it without you
Tonight I'm gonna find a way to make it without you
I'm gonna hold on to the times we had tonight
I'm gonna find a way to make it without you

Have you ever tried sleeping with a broken heart?
Well, you could try sleeping in my bed
Lonely own me, nobody ever shut it down like you

You are the clown
You made my body feel heaven bound
Why don't you hold me, need me
I thought you told me
You'd never leave me

Looking in the sky I could see your face
And I know right where I fit in
Take me, make me, you know that I'll always be in love with you
Right til the end..

So tonight, I'm gonna find a way to make it without you
Tonight I'm gonna find a way to make it without you
I'm gonna hold on to the times we had tonight
I'm gonna find a way to make it without you

Anybody could've told you right from the start
It's about to fall apart
So rather than hold on to a broken dream
I'll just hold on to love
And I could find a way to make it, Don't hold on too tight
I'll make it without you tonight

So tonight, I'm gonna find a way to make it without you
Tonight I'm gonna find a way to make it without you
I'm gonna hold on to the times we had tonight
I'm gonna find a way to make it without you

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Roaming! : Roadtrip #2 - Broga Hills, Semenyih

Aha..watakuan homosapiens?? Yesterday has been kinda busy with some work to do so x dapat nak update pasal sambungan roadtrip kitorang yang awesome giler masa week-end hari tuh..So today, sy nak canang kan to korang tentang sambungan kepad Roadtrip sy and geng ninja (Estot, Merl, Syah, Yus and Ing Hoe). But first of all, nak warning awal-awal that this entry consist of lots of photo yang bisa membuat korang jeles (and not self-obsessed photo either..just nak bagi encouragement at korang to try this activity with your family+fwens+love one jer) hiks! So here's how the story goes, from Port Dickson, after packing and having our lunch, we went straight to our next destination...Broga Hills, Semenyih.

Tanned and healthy..Broga Hills we're coming!
From left : Merl, me, Ing Hoe, yus, Ester and Syah

We took jalan dalam to the place (from PD - Seremban - Mantin - Beranang - Semenyih) and believe me when i said, it was bloody challenging. Masa driving tuh, i so wish we had a jeep or some cool 4WD and we can pile in everyone in one vehicle so we can hear everyone's comment about the road. We have to go up some bukit where there is a construction going on (they're shaving the hills..for God knows what reason). The route is like the Malay saying 'bagai ular dipalu' the dusts. The journey took about  2hr the time when we're lost.hahaha..Nak pergi bukit lain, ter-pergi bukit lain yang ade tokong pulak This all thanx to the uncle at the coffee shop yang bagi direction salah. The entrance to Broga Hills situated in the palm tree for first timer, the landmark of the entrance is, there's a Rabbit farm (not so Rabbit only as there is also pony, goat and other animals..hahaha) across the entrance. you can park you car among the palm tree. At 530pm we arrived there. My poor baby, still dalam pantang and already being taken everywhere through the water and dusty land.hahaha..hang on Si Gagak itam..hang tough like your owner!

As we arrived, suddenly ade pulak yang nak wee-wee. So we went to hunt for a toilet pulak. We went to the rabbit farm, tapi the girl yang jaga tiket said "Bos x bagi non-visitor guna toilet".Adoi..pulakkk..haihh~ pape jela amoi!. The nearest gas-station is not so near (at Broga Town which is like 20mins from there) and the nearest kedai makan most probably around the same distance. With no other option, we went to Ester's driving center's place. Nasib baik la jugak Ester amek lesen kat ceruk ade gak la pointer on where to find the nearest toilet. Hahaha..Ingatkan Yus jer yang nak wee-wee, skali when we arrived at the driving center, semua rush to the toilet and the one who originally blurt out her intention was the last to fulfill it pulak. Berlakon kan korang semua..U shud thanked Yus taw.hahaha..

Our hiking start around 545pm with Ing Hoe not wearing any shoes. Hahaha..okai sempoi! There are like, 3 tops and we arrived at the first top in 15mins time. First, kene go through hutan belukar sket, then the belukar will gradually turn to small trees which is known to live at higher height along with lalang. Yus and Merl lagged behind because Yus had breathing difficulties due to Asthma..Kecian Yus! We hiked ahead as we try to make it to the top in half and hour tapi cuma sekadar angan-angan sbb bila sampai jer kat puncak pertama, we stop for photo-shooting and that already took some of our time..

Our hike continued with joking around and making fun of each other. There's not much to tell actually as our activities just concerned of us hiking and while hiking there's not much thing to do except..well, hiking.Hehehe..there's many other hikers instead of just us and i can tell that this is a popular recreation area for the local people. The hikers came from all ages of gender, regardless kids and veterans. There's family, goups of friends and of course, lovers. It's heart-warming to see the veterans hiking the hill despite their age. Hey, who said old people are lembik rite? Shame on you young people, they are much fitter and healthier than you..!

Going up!!

The hills are quite steep and dusty. Mind you, most of the girls punya kasut got no flower.hahaha..tapak kasut dah haus..tade bunga dah. Going up shouldn't be a problem since the hill is quite steep but imagine how dorang ne nak turun nanti.hehe..X sabar nak tengok! Below are some of the pics taken at the second top. Check it out..U guys can click on the pic to enlarge it, mana lah taw kot-kot ade ter-minat kat mana-mana model dalam gambar ne kan.Bulih la roger sy okai? Hahaha..

Bukit Broga ne, banyak betol lalang, u can see the proof in all the pics. The view is splendid isn't it? Pity during going up we were separated from Yus and x byk gambar Yus+Merl in here..

To reach the topmost hill, siap kene panjat tali.haha..adventure abiz la. Bagi org gayat macam sy ne, haih..berdebar x payah la cakap. Nak panjat-panjat atas batu macam Ing Hoe ngan Ester pon x sanggup. Gerun jer rasa. Dok diam-diam atas solid land. hahaha..tah pape jer. At the toppest hill, someone hung a bendera Malaysia. Cool..rase macam sampai kat Puncak Everest pulak! We waited for Yus and Merl to arrive at the top while eating kueh (we bought it at the stall by the street, on our way to Broga Hills) and enjoying the view.

 At the toppest top!

Finally, after 10mins, Yus and Merl sampai at the top. Yayyyy~ congratz u guys especially to Yus yang tega to reach the top despite her breathing problem. U go girl! Belum sempat hilang penat Yus+Merl, dah kene turun balik..this was due to the black cloud hanging moodily above us decorated with some lightning. And yeah..dah hujan sikit-sikit. If its just rain without lightning then it is okai to linger for a while, but when u're on top of hill, it is never a good move to stay. U'll be an easy target for the lightning to strike.. (remember that hikers!) unless korang ade pembumi.Hehehe..Soooo down we go. come the best part! The hiking trail is actually very dusty and sandy i guess due to the dry weather we had few days before so it makes going down a bit challenging (unless u have strong kepala lutut and used to hiking like us) and far more challenging IF your shoes tade bunga like Yus+Ester+Merl. hahaha.. They went sliding and jumping all the way sebab susah nak break. Lucky my Nike is new (sbb nak pegi Terry Fox hari tuh..) so i aint got no problem jumping and jogging down the track and stopping when i want to. Memang best la..if going up is a challenge to ur fitness and stamina, going down will challenged one's agility. Lucky, we are all agile..i guess due to their taekwando training.Hehehe..korang memang ninja!! (err..anak monyet pon bulih juga kan??).

Going down took a shorter time and by the time we reach our cars, everyone was all sweaty, pink-faced and glowing with..i guess triumphed for succeeding in conquering the Broga Hills in a short time and happy. As for me..i'm just plain happy. Looking at my car and Ester's and the faces of my friends, i will remember that moment forever. You guys pull my spirit up without realizing it you know? I was totally down in a dump when we left for PD yesterday..and i had never felt happier than this. Thanx Merlinda Bernard and Yusrene Yusoff for the motivational and support you guys gave during our journey together (especially to u Merl..i know it kinda freak u out when i told u the reasons why..but thanx for bearing with it. Ur the best!), Thanx Loh Ing Hoe for making me feel like i'm perfect in every way with your charming compliment, Thanx Syahdatul Isnain Naam for being a good sport and a nice adik and last but not least, Thanx dear bestie, Ester Salimun..if not because of u, i will not know any of them. Syukur Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah SWT kerana menemukan sy dengan mereka.. =) Next time, hope Kaola will join us. Insya-Allah!

Before separating and went our own way, we stop to have our dinner at Kajang town.Okai, i dunno what's wrong with me that time but i accidentally langgar kereta Ester yang tengah dok diam-diam parking in front of me. Uhuhuhu..Semua orang dah masok kedai makan and i asked them to go ahead as i want to adjust my car.Alhamdulillah la, dia x cedera teruk but it does create some commotion at kedai yang kitorang nak makan. Partly due to the 'BANG!' sound and partly due to..err..Ester's yelling. Hahaha.. Sowie Tot..x sengaja neh! Sy penat sgt mungkin brain short cicuit jap.Bila masok kedai..ketar la jugak rasa plus embarassed. Duhhh~

All in all, it have been a blasting memorable, fun and adventurous week-end i'd ever had. Superb!! So next where are we going? Since Merl and Yus is leaving us soon, we' re s'pose to celebrate them rite?? and owhhh..i heard someone mention about Jelajah Malaysia Roadtrip style! Plan..plan..Ka-chinggggg~ readers, i will stop here with our group photo, which in my opinion, the most superb photo of us at Broga Hills. So what are you guys waiting for? grab those trainers and drag your family, friends or bf/gf to this place. You are sooo wont regret it..!! Cheers! *wink*
We were here!
Broga Hills, Semenyih. 645pm. January 17, 2010.
forever seems like a long time..why dunt we keep it to..always? (^^)V

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Roaming! : Roadtrip #1 - Port dickson, Negri Sembilan

Hey..hey homosapiens! Im writting this entry fresh from my week-end outing with my bestie Ester and the other gorgeous and charming Taekwondo Ninjas : Merl, Yus, Syah and Ing Hoe. A lil' bit tanned (body only sbb lumur sun-block sket2 jer..baru la nampak tan line nanti..) and glowing, i'm ready to take on any job my boss assigned on me.C'mon bos, bring it on!! hehehe..anyway, last week-end we went for a roadtrip to PD and Broga Hills. The plan mastermind is Merl, dia bg kitorg notice and invite for the event kt FB dayssssss before the event (new year pon x lagi). Originally, this outing is to celebrate Khawlah's birthday, but unfortunately, she was down with fever at the very last moment. Cian Khawlah..hope u get well ASAP dearie! But then, since verything has been planned in the 'Event Invitation discussion board', we go along with it jugak. What wif Khawlah demam and the rumours about buaya kat PD (betol ker rumour tuh??), kitorang pergi juge lah kan. I woke up not that early on that memorable Saturday (i wasnt a mowning sue me.bwuek!), did some laundry and head out to Pasaraya Bintang to buy the mechanism of my nasik goreng (nak tunggu BBQ later that nite..ade juge yg mati kebuluran pas mandi laut petang nanti kan?). Dengan muke baru bangun tido and fresh from the shower, i browsed around, calling Estot and Yus every ten second, asking them wether they need anything for the last minute preparation. Everything done, sy balik rumah and prepared my nasik goreng.Later, it was not a nasik goreng anymore, it became 'bubur' goreng sbb nasik tuh lembik.Hahaha..duhh..tah pape je.X kesah la, janji sedap and boleh makan.

Me and the Ninjas - From left: Merl, Me, Syah, Tot, Yus and Ing Hoe

At 3pm, i picked Yus and Merl up at Komuter Serdang with my Black Raven, and we headed into the highwayyyy~. We make a brief stop at Nilai R&R, waiting for Ester+Ing Hoe+Syah to arrive with our BBQ stuff..Wah, best bangat neh, roadtrip ngan dorang! Okai afterwards, we headed straight to Port Dickson, with no booking of hotel/rooms or place to stay whatsoever.Only plans.hehehe..Gamble sudah..! If x de cheap room, kita tido jer dalam kete. Then at Port Dickson, we went to hunt for a room at the guest house suggested by ME. Ngeee~ It was at a perfect place with a perfect BBQ spot.. Fortunately, there are available room at the guest house (we are the only tenant..hoho) and the place is just a blind-walk distance from the beach..depan mata jer beb! So x susah nak angkat barang-barang BBQ later. Upon arrival, we changed clothes and of course la..mandi laut! X sempat lagi nak basah badan..a banana boat lalu depan kitorang and, well, we surrender to the temptation..hehe..adventure sucker, nak buat macam mana kan?!

Tengok jer gambar neh..macam-macam aksi dan gaya..Hehe.Sempoi jer. At nite, of course BBQ time. AT first the Makcik (caretaker of the guest house) said we can use the BBQ stuff if we want to.Then Makcik balik rumah and replaced by Pakcik yang garang and..well..mata duitan. He said we can use the commodities with the charge of RM30. WTH..?! So we just waved the idea and stick to the stuff we had. X heran la BBQ pit Pakcik tuh..huh! Our BBQ food is prepared by Ing Hoe (a very talented cook!) and the arang and skewer brought by Merl and Yus. Ade chicken wings, jagung, hot dogs, terung and balls (yang x sempat dipanggang sebab sume dah kekenyangan). While BBQ-ing, Estot brought her guitar along and we sat on the tikar, by the beach, singing and playing cards while enjoying the ocean breezes and the crashing sound of waves along with the beautiful starry night sky. perfect.. *dreamy* . comes the funny part and i guess, the higlight of our trip.

Just dance..Gonna be okai.Dudududuuuu~ The shadow by the sea. Guess which is mine and which is Estot's?

At 4am, we headed back to our room. Actually this room is the subs to the one originally ours. Kitorang kene changed room sbb the block where the room is situated has electricity circuit trip so it got no electricity.The subs room is..well, smaller and somewhat downgrade abis la. Ade queen size bed and a double decker. Heater not functioning, no carpet but tikar getah and the toilet tersumbat..errr..since this is s'pose to be a ROADTRIP, we decided to let it passed. But, horror, when nak tido, under Estot's pillow ade..well..LIPAS penyet.Adoi.That is so bloody disgusting..! And there's like ulat gonggok crawling on the floor.. (err..???) and cacing panjang punyyaaa~ in the toilet. There are adjoining room to ours and the door was not locked, so dengan sebulat suara kitorang decide to sleep at the adjoining room.Aha..for a higher educated people, we sure are a bit dense in making dat decision but then what do u expect? U cant go knocking at the care-taker's room at 5am in the morning cant u? So sleep we did at the adjoining room. Jeng jeng 10am.Guess what? The Pakcik came and caught us sleeping at that room.Hahaha..Kantoi seyh! Ciss...Its the aircond water dripping outside the room that gave us away. Yang kelakar tuh, i was already awake masa Pakcik datang. So did Ester. When he was shaking the door knob (kitorang selak dari dalam), Ester jumped out of the bed and sprinted to our original room. I dunno why, but i did the same. Then Syah followed..and Merl..and Yus. Ing Hoe was the last since he slept at the top of the double decker. But in the end, Ing Hoe gave in and open the door. The fury of the Pakcik and our annoyed faces of being woken with such, the moment is so priceless, u couldnt trade in with even the most expensive thing.hahaha..Stupid betol..but still, memorable. We have to pay for that room too in the end.Extra expenses pulak..demn! Come to think about it..buat ape lari kan sebab macam-macam mana pon memang confirm abiz la dah kantoi.haha..Impulsive.

The mood was a bit spoiled by that 'wake-up call' but then later we went to the beach again, to swim before going to our next destination: hiking at Broga Hills, Semenyih. After swimming and riding this really cool ride..i dunno what they called that thing but we call it Donut boat ( and it's so bloody awesome+scary+adventure abiz..Merl+Yus+i screamed all the way from start to the end sampai x ade suara dah by the kitorang time turun ride tu..), we packed our stuff, have lunch at a Medan Selera and...headed towards our next roadtrip destination..BROGA HILLS. I'll give u guys sometimes to read this entry first and enjoy some of the pics taken at the beach below before starting with my second entry about Broga Hills. Okai?

P/s : click on the pics to enlarge!

BBQ Moment..

The 'Donut' Ride

Baywatch casts are so gonna envy this pics *wink*

So this pic below taken on our first day at PD, during the beautiful sunset will ended the first part of my entry on our Roadtrip. Stay tuned for the final part on Broga Hills (superb beb..damn superb) and stay rocking dude..Cheers!

Friday, January 15, 2010


Hati saya..sekarang keadaannya macam ini
Nak cakap tak saket..saket la juge.Sbb dah jadi macam ini.
Sebenarnya..sangat saket! Kadang-kadang, sampai mengalir air mata.
Sedangkan luka masa jatuh basikal pon saket..kan? Apetah lagi kalo dah pecah macam ne.
Kesian hati saya..
Saya doa hari-hari, Tuhan cepat sembuh kan ia..supaya ia bercantum balik.
Bila dia x saket, dada saya pon x saket. Senyum x payah dipaksa.
Berusahalah Hati saya!
Semoga kamu cepat,cepat,cepat sembuh..
Kamu kan kuat..? Kan Hati?


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Choice of Rhythm : Face drop - Sean Kinsgston

Today's choice of rhythm is from a Jamaican singer yg kalo korang perasan popular btol dgn phrase 'Wa ta kuan..' almost every song dia nyanyi sure ade phrase ne.hehe..i found out from Kin dat the meaning of Watakuan is actually the same wif Watakuan peeps?? Holler..hahaha~ Tajuk lagu ne is Face Drop. Heard it on the way to office this morning and terfikir, this is a cool 'pick me up : breakup aftermath' mood song. The kind of mood i'm in right now..sbb semalam boleh pulak kan ternampak si dia masa otw nak g trening. Terus la mood cam x best nak coaching players. Tapi..nasib baik dia x nampak's better that way i guess..C'mon Azx, chill and let it be..Oyyeeaahhhhh~ =)

"and now i see your face drop
i told you not to leave me alone and now that i got my own
i see your face drop
i told you not to count me out
When i left u, i came out a winner"

Enjoy the vid peeps..!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Congratulations Dear Wanne!!

Ehem..i know its late but i hope it is not that late to wish my dearest friend Wanne and her Hubby - Basheer a big CONGRATULATIONS on their wedding on 2nd of January 2010. And the best part was? I was her bridesmaid.Gegege~ Men-capub kat majlis org ha..hihihi~ Thanx Wanne for trusting me to be your bridesmaid. Masa wedding tu, the bride look so beautiful..with the make-up and her wedding dress.I swear Wanne had never look more radiant and enchanting than on her memorable day. Thank you Wanne for bearing wif me though i admit i was having a tough time keeping my emotion in check.. (kejap-kejap lari masok toilet kesat air mata while Wanne was getting ready.Sedih sebab my dear friend is getting married pon ye..but it's more of sebab the news someone delivered to me on the new year eve that kinda shattered my self-control. U could not have pick a better time to ruin my week-end rite Mr.A? First u ruin my new year eve and now u ruin the day i was looking forward to for months for the sake of ur own selfishness..huh!). Sowie Wanne my eyes was a bit bengkak..tapi all in all, pengapit x boleh overshadow pengantin kan? hehehe~

To Wanne & Basheer :
I hope u guys live happily ever after with Allah SWT blessing upon u guys and get urselves lots and lots of mini-Wanne and mini-Basheer for me to play wif..okai? Remember, sometimes the ship will rock, so make sure u guys play ur role in making sure it will sail smoothly along the journey..insya-Allah =)

To Wanne :
Thanx a mill dearest for..always always always being such a wonderful,caring and supportive friend. Your my guardian angel..always looking out for me when im in some deep doo-doo shits and always there to lend a hand to guide me through my misery. Thanx juge for being there through the process of having my Raven.hehe..Si Gagak Hitam dah kuar!! *happy* Seems i have only known happiness and moving forward since the day u decided to drag me (padahal sy sendiri yg gedik nak cube nasib..hehe) into Velosi. I promise, to be happy for you not because for u only, but because i deserve to be happy.Sabar eh, x lame nanti giliran sy pulak.hee~

Okai, enough corny words..below is a pic taken at Wanne's wedding, featuring me, Qayyum, Arien&fiance and the pengantin themselves. Cantik kan dia?? I told you so..huh!

From left :
Arien. Qayyum, Basheer&Wanne, me and Arien's fiance

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Choice of Rhythm : Collide - Howie Day

This is one of my all-time favourite song. I heard it for the first time while watching One Tree Hill Season's one of the drama's soundtrack. Specially dedicated for those in love..maybe u guys can learn how to play this song on your guitar and serenade ur GF.haha..corny! I'm still waiting for Abang JD to play this song on his guitar though.. (C'mon big bro, i know u can play this song nicely..then later u can play it to Qeel when she come to our shore..ngeee~).

Happy listening korang..Cheers!

For more info, videos and musics from Howie Day visit his official website :

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Dear Azx,

Remember the cactus? It doesn't need a lot of water to survive..But it does need sunshine to cheer up..
Stay cheerful and strong kay azx?

Your friend,

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Roaming! : Malacca the historical state

Ola homosapiens..its been a while since sy last enter any entry in the blog.Partly because busy, partly because..well..lots of things had happened yang occupy sy pny time. So skarang ade mase la nak update some story. Dalam entry kali ne, under tag - Roaming, sy nak story pasal aktiviti sy and two of my good fwen since zaman matriks - Piya (si P) n Jaja (si J) during Christmas Oliday 2009. Dah lame kitorang plan nak ke Melaka and finally, ter-realisasi juge plan kitorang ne. So, kenape Melaka? Partly because, kitorang berkenalan kat Malacca Matriculation Collge in the year of 2002 (skarang dah 2010..dah 8 years kite kawan!) and this is kinda like a re-freshing moment la for kitorang and partly because Melaka adalah the nearest state dengan KL yang full of places to visit (other than shopping mall). Niat kitorang ke Melaka, sight-seeing and NO shopping.ahahaha..nak shopping g balik KL ha!

So our day start at 9am ++, xberapa menepati schedule sebab that previous nite si P and si J was having pillow talk while i'm already off to dreamland and sebab sy sendiri yg ber-masalah bangun pagi (oliday maa..).So at 9++am tu, when sume dah siap cantik-cantik (ade yg siap iron tudung sampai terbakar..ahaha..), kitorang ke Fariz Maju @ s15, Bangi untuk isi perot yg lapar. Nak jalan kene isi minyak dulu beb..nanti tade tenaga.Hohoho..Around 10++ mcm tu, we're off to Melaka..!

Our first destination, cari car park.Haha..Then jalan la ape lagi. Our main aim is to go on Menara Taming Sari and Eye on Malaysia. Sungguh la gedik sebab selama mende alah tu ade kat Tasik Titiwangsa, x pernah la terdetik dalam hati kitorang nak naik.Boring..~ bila dah pindah kat Melaka, cam best plak kan kalo naik. Maybe KL Tower patut dipindah-randah juge, baru la kitorang teringin nak naik.hehehe..Other than these two attractions, kitorang naik la juge Duck Tour (an amphibian transportation that takes you on tour thru land and sea..kinda cool juge la).Masa ke Singapore dulu wif Ester, Joc and Kimi ade juge nampak Duck Boat ne but because of the time-constraint we just have to forget our intention of riding it. Tak sangke la ade kat Melaka. So, best la. The best part of the trip was, all of the ticket dapat murah. Sebab? Aha..pakai student card and if ade MyKad dapat half price. So sangat cheap la expenses trip kami. Memang berbaloi-baloi!

After lunch, kitorang jenguk juga la arked yang jual kraftangan kat depan Portuguese Warship tuh (x catch up la ape nama building tu..). So, si J dan si P memulakan operasi memborong mereka dan sy hanya mampu memandang sebab x de duet (gaji x masok lagi bkn kije kerajaan) and sebab x pandai la nak beli-beli cencaluk, gula melaka or keropok-kerepek ne.huhuhu..Atas ihsan si P, dia memaksa sy beli cencaluk or ape-ape la yg sy nak..dia bayarkan dulu. Hmm..dengan bongok nye sy beli la 2 botol cencaluk (konon-konon nak bagi Mama satu tapi sampai skarang x bagi lagi) and lagi satu, utk dimakan kat umah sewa (memang la x kan makan sebab x reti..). Kelakar pon ade rase during dat time. After that kitorang jalan-jalan, sempat juge tergolek kepenatan dalam surau awam near Menara Taming Sari sementara tunggu masuk waktu solat. And yang x boleh blah, sempat jugak masok shopping mall under Dataran Pahlawan. Haihh..i thought we're s'pose to leave shopping kat KL! Fortunately, sy berjaya stop dorang from buying anything yg can be found in KL shopping mall (sebenarnya dengki sebab tade duet nak shopping.Hahaha~). Adoi!

Our last destination was the Eye on Malaysia, gayat x payah cakap la okai. Masa bergambar muka x bleh blah..berlakon jer.Sebenarnye, Tuhan jer taw betapa cuak nye sy when the gondola was at the upmost top. But when we're at the position, we can see Melaka from above..and the view was fantastic! There's no telling how majestic Allah SWT creation are. Subhanallah.. =) When the gondola finally stop, we decided to spend the last daylight in Melaka at Pantai Klebang, shooting some crazy photos yg tah pape and not for public viewing sbb memang macam haram.Hahaha~ Niat konon nak melawat tempat study kami dulu - Malacca Matriculation College, where our friendship was build, where i met my first love and where our memories were etched there eternally, but dah nak gelap and x sempat. It will take half an hour from Bandaraya Melaka to Londang, Masjid Tanah. So we just have to forget it. Next time though..Insya-Allah.

This pic end my entry for this time, the most pretty pic of us (in my opinion) at Pantai Klebang. Cheers for more trip to come..Friends forever bebeh! Insya-Allah.

P/s :
# Next..we're going to Singapore. Jaja, buat pasport cepat ha..! My uncle cant wait to receive our visit there..
# Thanx a mill korang sbb support expenses sy kat sana..x sangke plak gaji masok lambat.Hehehe~ Jangan lupe claim ha! Mwahx! =)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Sleep-less Beauty

Beauty blinked in the dark.
The eyes just cant seem to stop the tears.
It seems to flow unlimited.
The chest heaved from the pain.
The pillow seems to give both the tears and the broken-heart.
It is wet with emotion.
A Beauty with a broken-heart.
The mirror has been broken, shattered.
The magical rose is dead, wilted.
The Beast has betrayed Beauty.
Cry Beauty for the departure of the Beast,
Sleep now will wake up feeling better the next morning..
Dream of flowers, and rainbows and the sea,
Shhh..Beauty don't cry for the heart-less Beast,
Pray he will be a better man and find happiness where-ever he will be.
Everything will be fine soon, dear Beauty
 and the sun will shine brighter than yesterday.
Have faith now Sleep-less Beauty...