Monday, December 20, 2010

Choice of Rhythm : 1, 2, 3, 4 - Plain White T's

This song use to remind me of you everytime I heard it. I even made it your caller ringtone once. But it was then, not now. Now, I just like this song because it is one sweet song and easy to listen to. So happy listening to every person who has been in love, and still kept the sweet memories of it. I lost any of mine along the bitter road of healing. Hehe~ Cheers! 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Choice of Rhythm : Kosong - Dewa 19

I think this band need no introduction. Lagu dorang memang semua layan. First introduced to me by my ex-boyfie, Along, till now macam dah addicted to lagu-lagu from band ne. So here's a song by Dewa 19 - Kosong. Enjoy!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

i'm TAG-ED :: Banyak Tanya Betol..!!

so here goes the Questions
Name : Azx / Rena
Full name : Azx Cream Ribena
Sibling(s): 5
Eye colour : MERAH
Shoe size : 5. kecik kan? =P
Hair : Black and proud of it. Straight.
Height : 160cm
What are you wearing right now : Corporate shirt and jeans. Sukati ja p opis pakai jeans.. =P
Favourite number : 11 - 28 - 7 - 5
Favourite drink : Coffee. Coke. Ice lemon tea. Black Tea
Favourite month : November .
Favourite breakfast : heavy. kalo setakat biskut-biskit ne saya tak layan..

.Have you ever.

Broken a bone : never
Been in a police car : never
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time : cepat bosan.. =P
Swam in the ocean : definitely.
Fallen asleep in school : that's a normal thing to do for a student. kan??
Broken someone's heart : unfortunately yes..and still feels guilty over it.. =(
Cried when someone died : yeah..huhu~
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : i just did that last nite. dia call sekali ja pastu tak call dah.huhu~
Saved e-mails : ape pny soklan ne? adoi..
Been cheated on : eh selalu kot..haha~


Your room look like : what a room suppose to look like
What is right beside you : files
What is the last thing you ate : megi in cup. kari berapi. malam tadi..

.Ever Had.

Chicken pox : penah lah. tak best pon..
Sore throat : penah
Stitches : ohh..yang ne banyak..huhu~

.Do You.

Believe in love at first sight : not really.
Like picnics? : SUKA GILA


Who did you last yell at? : myself
Who was the last person you danced with? : my sister
Who last made you smile? : the same person who made me cry

.Final Questions.

What are you listening to right now? : maroon 5 - won't go home without you.
What did you do today? : mandi - opis - masih kat opis
Are you the oldest? : nahh..i'm the second
Indoors or outdoors? : BOTH

.Last person who.

You talked to on the phone ? : Natrah Jamil. Hihi..bangga lah tu~
Made you cry? : the same person who made me smile
You went to the mall with ? : myself
Who cheered you up ? : those who cared

.Have you.

Been to Mexico ? : not interested
Been to USA ? : never


What books are you reading right now? : SOLUSI. does dat considered as book?
Best feeling in the world? : to love and to be loved
Future kids name? : err..nanti bila dah kawen baru pikir
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? : haha..patrick is a yeahh..i do.
What's under your bed? : the floor?
Favourite sport (s) : SQUASH and Athletics
Favourite place : seaside
Who do you really hate? : people who lied and dishonest
Do you have a job? : YAAAAA~
What time is it now? :2 PM

p/s : with however long it took you to complete this, post as "banyak tanya betul!" and tag 15 people.

Dear Floe: aku dah penat dah jawab. So mari meng-tag orang seterusnya. Ngeh ngeh~
Nat - Alee - Izzat - Tommy - Shamito - Fasyali - Ijad - Mira - Irah - Yaya 
Opps..tak cukup 15. Whatever~

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Choice of Rhythm : A Thousand Miles - Vanessa Carlton

Oh..this song is dedicated to someone yang saya tengah rindu sangat sekarang ne. Eh gila did you manage to make me miss you this much ha? Tapi the best part is, dia tak tahu pun saya rindu dia. Siap tanya saya, siapa yang saya rindu. Haha. Duhh..asal jadi jiwang macam ne tak taw lah. So to semua yang tengah merindui sesorang, here's a song for you guys to enjoy. Cheers!

If I could fall into the sky
Do you think time would pass me by?
'Cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles
If I can just see you.. If I can just hold you


Friday, November 19, 2010

Crappy Blues

And I wonder if I ever crossed your mind..for me it happens all the time.

NO. Scratch that...

Fuck you.Fuck you very-very much..

Nah..scratch that too.

Well when you go, so never think I'll make you turn to stay. And maybe when you get back, I take off to find another way.

When you go, would you even turn to say..I don't love you like I did yesterday.


Would you?
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Poker Face

I may looked like I know nothing, but trust me, I KNOW EVERYTHING~ Well, almost.

Poker face.

Choice of Rhythm : Semi-Charmed Life - Third Eye Blind

One of 3eb most hit song. Enjoy~!

"I believe in the sand beneath my toes
The beach gives a feeling, an earthy feeling,
I believe in the faith that grows
And the four right chords can make me cry,
When I'm with you I feel like I could die
And that would be all right, all right"

i want something else to get me through this semi-charmed kind of life, baby~


Monday, November 15, 2010

i'm TAG-ED :: 25 random facts about Me

3.30pm nyesal plak pegi melawat blog Floe sebab that particular entry pasal tag-tag and as usual dia mesti tag saya. Aiyaaa~ Kena buat meh Floe? -.-"

Once you have been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, fact, habits, or goal about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

Okai so here goes some 25 ridiculous fact about Me.
  1. Saya suka ketawa. tu semua orang dah tahu?
  2. First time jumpa, most of the time I am quite reserve and quiet. Once you get to know I guess I am okai~
  3. Always being labeled as arrogant and snobbish because most of the time I would mind my own bussiness instead of sibuk-sibuk hal orang. Err..sorry beb, gua tak suka amek port hal orang.
  4. A loner. Tak kesah pergi mana-mana sorang-sorang sebab dah biasa. But sometimes, it does feel nice to at least to have orang yang care. Thanx Floe for that.. =)
  5. Independent. 
  6. Suka makan 
  7. I love reading as much as I love sports. Imma nerd and a jock. All in one.
  8. People always compliment me for being 'a beauty with brain'. Thank you Allah swt for the wonderful blessing.
  9. Always mistaken for a Cindian especially during squash tournament or when jalan-jalan dengan kawan-kawan yang non-malay. Alo, alo..I am Malay.
  10. Though nampak macam tough, actually I am a shy person.
  11. Usually kalau saya marah, saya akan diam. I have a fiery temper actually..hehe~
  12. Mencintai sukan squash secinta-cinta nya~ Cewahhh..ayat tak bleyh blah.. =P
  13. I forgive but I do not forget.
  14. I love studying. It somehow open my mind towards the wonder of Allah SWT and His creation.
  15. Sayang adik-beradik sebab kami susah-senang sama-sama. Tak de orang berani usik adik-adik saya kat sekolah sebab kakak dia garang. Hehe~
  16. Wants to be a good wife and a cool mother one day. Insya-Allah~
  17. Suka merayap tah mana hala sampai Mama saya tak larat nak risau. No worries Ma, I know how to take care of myself. God will always be with me.. =)
  18. A deep thinker. Sebab tu suka kena migraine.
  19. My youngest sister call me Fluffy. Nak taw sebab apa? Sila tanya dia sendiri. HAHA.
  20. Suka menyanyi, menari, merepek tah pape~
  21. Ohh..I once wanted to be a writer/journalist. Still do though..berapa banyak tulis artikel konon nak submit kat Reader's Digest tapi none of it was send. Hihi.
  22. Plat number keta saya adalah gabungan tahun dan hari lahir saya.
  23. I like RED.
  24. Kat sekolah dulu saya budak nakal. Selalu kena rotan+denda.
  25. Yesss..FINALLY point yang terakhir. Dah tak tahu nak cakap apa. Ohh.. I love cat. Okai tak tu?
Sekian terima kasih. Ne saat yang paling saya tunggu-tunggu..meng-tag orang balik. Heh~
To : Cik Aliphant, Mr. Tommy, Mr. Shamito, Cik Floe (dia suro tag orang yg tag kita tu kena tag balik kan?), Cik Nat, CIk Dilla, Leman, Izzat..err..ahh, my sweet Fasyali..ermm..dah tak taw nak tag sape dah. Sila lah jawab ya.


Friday, November 12, 2010



Ini lah hasil orang yang banyak kerja tapi tak buat kerja (mati kalo Bos baca ne)..Ta-raaaaaa~ A new template layout. Hehe~ This is not exactly what I had in mind tapi kira okai lah kan. Nak demand lebih-lebih mungkin saya kena create sendiri design blog. Not exactly my style either..hello, ada flower-flower? and butterflies some more? HAHA~ I guess I'm getting soft. But then, it is re-freshing kan? to do something out of ordinary. Selalu template blog saya mesti yang dark..seperti kata Tom 'ala-ala grunge'. Gege~ Whole day saya korek websites cari template. Mesti nampak cam ngah gigih buat kerja kan..dengan dahi kerut-kerut concentrate tengok desktop. Padahal, hanya dinding dan sebaris file dibelakang ne lebih mengetahui. Oh well, silau. Sebab tu kena kerut..Hee~! Okai, masa untuk pulang. Esok week-ends yawww..Yee-haaaaaa~ Mari bergembira~!

Oh, sebab rini tak buat kerja LANSUNG, maka kena buat kerja opis kat rumah.


Dunia Baru


Tajuk cam hape jer kan? Haha..ini bukan review movie Dunia Baru okai. Oh well, perasan tak how life seems to go really fast. Today bangun hari Selasa, then tiba-tiba bangun lagi skali, Wow..dah hari Jumaat?? where did all the time goes? Housemate pon dah tak wisau kan saya lagi, sebab dah kembali jadi kutu embun seperti dulu instead of menanges jer kat rumah sampai kena paksa keluar lepak ngan kawan-kawan. Only this time, not with Alee and Tommy (ohh how I MISS YOU guys damn a lot~!) but with my new found buddies. Hehe~ Pon camharam jer statement.. =P

Yeah well, I guess when you're troubled you would do just about anything to make yourself feel better including, pegi mandi sungai dengan orang yang baru gila kenal. Tak takot ker kena rogol dalam hutan? Thank you Floe for that, sebab teman. Tapi, Tuhan kan ada jadi kenapa perlu takut kan? Ah, whatever. Janji happy. And I guess, life seems much more brighter and colourful with them floating around like bubbles around me. Flimsy, light and colourful. The friendship is flimsy as it is still new, colourful signifies their character, light..well try not to get included in internal issues then it will becomes not-light. Hehe~ I like observing people and all of them seems to be a very interesting subject of observation. Cool kan?

Saya ingat masa duduk atas batu tengah-tengah sungai, alone with Floe. I told her that, this, the very thing yang kami sedang buat bukan satu perkara normal untuk saya. I rarely went out with strangers or lepak dengan geng where people saya kenal dalam geng tu adalah kurang dari 3 orang. Mereka dan saya, adalah seperti dua dunia yang berbeza..dan saya dah disedut masuk dalam dunia mereka itu. And bila saya teringat kan Dia, saya rasakan dia umpama berada di dunia yang berbeza dari saya. A history that happens decades ago. He somehow faded bit by bit from the back of my mind. That's a good thing right? Us, macam cerita sedih yang berlaku pada orang lain dan bukan pada saya. Or maybe the clarity of the jungle make me feel that way, tak taw lah. Haha..macam ne kena duduk dalam hutan jelah tak yah keluar-keluar in order to feel calm.. =P

But all in all, I am enjoying the new world splendidly. Made some new awesome friends. And went back home feeling happy..everytime I'm with them. I guess that's what matters, the happiness. Thank you Senyum for that, I guess.

Welcome to the new world, Azx! Where happiness is free but the pursuit for it, is not and you will get broke by mid-month. Haha~ 

Monday, October 25, 2010

From my window..

From my window..this is what I see every morning when I woke up. The splendid blue sky~ (^^)

From my window..this is where I watch the pigeons playing. Oh..and mating. Hee~ (^^)

From my window..this is where I sat while learning to play my bestie's blue guitar. With my ears stuffed with mp3.. (^^)Y

From my window..this is where the passing komuter can be heard passing by..Aiiii~ (T_T)

From my window..this is where I sat staring at the sky when I missed you the most. I can see your face in the sky. Then lonely owned me so bad it gripped my heart till it ache. And everything you said played in my head in repeat-mode, replacing the sound of the chirping birds with Stay away! STAY away! STAY AWAY!!


I stopped looking from my window ever since.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Lessons In Life

Salam. Wassup homosapiens! Lama gila saya tak menulis di blog. Seperti biasa, jawapan cliche saya sibuk dengan kerja dan pada masa yang sama saya melalui saat-saat paling sukar dalam hidup saya. Menyebabkan mood untuk menulis tiada. Hehe.. (Alasan!). Pada hari Rabu, ibunda kepada kawan rapat saya, Jue telah pergi menemui Ilahi pada kira-kira jam 5.30am. Pada waktu Subuh saya telah menerima SMS dari Jue mengkhabarkan tentang pemergian ibunda nya. Saya tersentap namun disebabkan letih saya tetap tertido. Dalam tido saya bermimpi saya menelefon Jue dan pada masa yang sama berfikir samada nak ambil half day atau cuti whole day terus. Bila saya bangun, saya decide untuk mengambil half-day dan terus menghubungi Wali, Bf Jue which is kawan saya juga, untuk ikut ke rumah Jue. Ibu Jue yang saya mesra dengan panggilan Mak (panggilan Jue pada arwah ibu nya) seorang yang baik, penyabar dan tabah. Beliau menghidap penyakit buah pinggang, di mana buah pinggang beliau telah rosak. Sebelum-sebelum ini, beliau melalui rawatan dialisis..dan apabila di hospital, saya akan ikut Jue melawat Mak. . Saya ade call Jue untuk maklumkan dia akan kedatangan saya tapi panggilan tak dijawab. Faham-fahamlah kan.. Hmm.. Sepanjang perjalanan ke Sg. Buloh, bermacam-macam yang saya fikirkan. Thoughts are playing in my mind but somehow, I felt numb. Saya tak taw macam mana nak deal dengan situasi ini. Dalam hati saya berdoa semoga Tuhan tabahkan hati Jue dan kuatkan semangat nya untuk menghadapi semua ini. Oh, sedangkan kematian kucing pun diratapi.Apetah lagi pemergian ibu yang tidak mungkin dapat dicari ganti. Sejenak, lamunan saya melayang kepada Mama, Tok Jan (nenek saya, ibu kepada Mama) dan makcik saya yang saya panggil Ibu. 3 wanita ini bertanggungjawab mendidik saya dan membentuk saya menjadi siapa saya sekarang. Antara ketiga-tiga, saya lebih rapat dengan Tok Jan, nenek saya. Saya cuba bayangkan andai Tok Jan yang pergi meninggalkan saya..oh tidak! Sumpah saya tidak dapat membayangkan kejadian itu. Semoga Allah swt panjangkan umur mereka bertiga. Setitis air mata saye berguguran. Wali dihadapan memandu dengan laju sekali. Anxious untuk sampai cepat mungkin..dan saya mengikuti rapat dibelakang. Kang sesat kang saje je..huhu~

Sewaktu saya dan Wali sampai di rumah Jue di Sg. Buloh, jenazah arwah Mak sedang dimandikan. Tetapi saya tak nampak pun kelibat Jue, cuma Ayah memaklumkan bahawa Jue ikot memandikan Mak. Oh sebak ketika saya tengok muka Ayah. Mulut terkunci nak ucapkan Takziah. Saya pasti bukan itu yang ingin Ayah dengar keluar dari mulut saya. Saat jenazah dikapankan, saya masuk untuk melihat wajah Mak untuk kali terakhir. Pilu rasa hati, sukar digambarkan. Memori berbual dengan Mak di hospital bermain macam drama dalam otak saya. Oh Mak, Azx doakan semoga Mak ditempatkan dikalangan orang-orang beriman. Di dalam hati tak putus saya membaca Al-Fatihah dan Surah 3 Qul. Meleleh-leleh air mata saya dan saya tercari-cari kelibat Jue. Selesai dikapankan, anak-anak dan Ayah dipanggil untuk mengucup/menatap wajah Mak untuk kali terakhir. Sekali lagi pandangan mata saya kabur..dan saya nampak Jue. Jue nampak kurus dan cengkung..dia yang paling penat menjaga Mak sewaktu Mak sakit selama ini. Oh alangkah sebak dan pilu hati saya melihat si sahabat begitu. Jue mengusap wajah Mak dan mengucup dahi dan kedua-dua pipi Mak. Wajah nya keruh menyimpan sejuta rasa. Saat jenazah Mak diangkat ke atas pengusung, saya merapati Jue. Dan tatkala Jue memandang saya, empangan hiba nya pecah dan dia menangis dalam pelukan saya. Andai dapat saya kongsi rasa sedih itu, saya sanggup berkongsi agar dia tidak menanggungnya seorang diri. Dapat saya rasakan kehibaan Jue. Kami berpeluk-pelukan dan Jue seperti tak ingin melepaskan saya. Benar saya tidak pernah mengalami perasaan berpisah mati dengan orang tersayang, tapi saya pernah melalui pengalaman kehilangan orang tersayang, yang saya jaga dan saya hargai seperti saya menghargai nyawa saya. Dan kehilangan itu menyebabkan kan semangat saya patah, jiwa saya terseksa dan hidup saya menderita. Setiap hari yang saya lalui tanpa sebarang perasaan dan dunia terasa begitu kelam. Perlahan-lahan saya harus bangkit untuk meneruskan kehidupan walau payah. Dan sungguh, sedikit sebanyak saya faham apa yang Jue rasakan. Perasaan kehilangan itu.

Saat jenazah Mak dibawa ke surau, saya ikut mengiringi sehinggalah akhirnya ke tanah perkuburan. Hening tanah perkuburan, taman tempat berehat bagi yang sudah terpisah roh dari jasad, tempat persinggahan sebelum tibanya Hari Pengadilan. Tempat semua mereka yang dicipta oleh Yang Esa akan berada satu hari nanti. Keinsafan menyelubungi diri saya. Mata saya tidak lepas dari memandang Jue, dan tidak saya biarkan Jue bersendirian. Ketahuilah wahai sahabat, betapa luluh hatiku melihat kesedihan kamu..dan betapa aku rasa tidak berguna kerana tidak mampu membuat kan rasa itu surut walau sedikit. Pabila jenazah Mak diturunkan ke liang lahad, air mata meleleh lagi. Saya iringi pemergian mak dengan bacaan Al-Fatihah sebagai hadiah. Tenanglah Mak disana, akan Azx hadiahkan Surah Yassin buat Mak agar Mak tak sunyi. Selesai bacaan talkin beransur-ansur kami meninggalkan tanah perkuburan. Telah dikatakan bahawa, setelah selesai talkin dibacakan dan setelah manusia terakhir baru 7 langkah meninggalkan kubur, datanglah malaikat Munkar dan Nakir yang akan menanyai segala perbuatannya di dunia. Seram saya ketika teringatkan fakta itu. Saya berdoa semoga amalan Mak memudahkan rohnya untuk menjawab soalan Munkar dan Nakir. Sepanjang perjalanan pulang, kami membisu. Masing-masing tenggelam dalam perasaan sendiri..termasuk saya.

Setelah meminta diri, saya menuju ke kereta. Untuk kesekian kalinya saya termenung. Mungkin hari ini akan proceed to full day Emergency Leave. Laju sungguh otak saya berfikir..thoughts are hitting my head like rain. Slow but steady. Refreshing and awakening. Sedang jiwa saya masih belum betul-betul pulih dari kehilangan yang saya alami, Allah Yang Maha Besar telah menentukan saya untuk merasai pengalaman ini. Tak lama selepas Dia telah mengutuskan seorang teman baru kepada saya, yang agak istimewa kerana si teman baru yang telah berjaya membuka minda saya tentang hidup dan erti kemaafan, Dia telah menguatkan lagi kesedaran saya dengan memberi saya peluang untuk menghayati erti keinsafan dengan lebih mendalam. Laju saya mendail nombor telefon Tok Jan. Kerinduan di dalam hati terasa bagai on the spot mahu pulang ke Penang untuk menatap wajah Tok dan Nenek saya dan mendakap mereka. Siapa tahu bila kali terakhir kami akan berjumpa..sementara ada kesempatan ini, saya mahu mereka tahu saya amat menyayangi mereka. Saya telah mengabaikan mereka sementara diri berada di dalam lubang hitam yang tiada jalan keluar..tidak bertanyakan khabar, tidak bertanyakan cerita, walhal sebelum ini hampir setiap hari saya akan menelefon mereka. I'm too lost in my own misery to notice there're bigger things than my deep black-pit. Syahdu terasa tatkala mendengar suara nenek yang mengajar saya tentang sifat yang terpuji dan pekerti yang elok, nenek yang mendengar saya mengaji dan mengajar khasiat surah-surah di dalam Al-Quran dan kepentingan solat. Nenek yang kerap mengingatkan 'Perempuan mesti kena taw buat kerja rumah dan urus keluarga.Mesti kena rajin dan pandai bawak diri', yang telah banyak mendidik peribadi saya menjadi siapa saya sekarang. Setelah dikhabarkan berita sedih tentang pemergian arwah Mak (nenek saya kenal Jue sebab dia pernah ikot saya pulang ke Penang) dengan suara yang tersekat-sekat dan air mata bergenang dikelopak, laju saya memohon maaf kerana telah hilang dari radar mereka untuk sementara. Mujur Tok Jan saya memahami. Kemudian, saya terus pulang ke rumah, mahu menatap wajah Mama yang kali terakhir bertemu hujung minggu lepas, kami telah bertengkar dan saya pulang ke rumah sewa tanpa meminta maaf, mahupun melihat wajahnya. Sungguhpun mungkin Mama bukan ibu yang terbaik mahupun paling memahami, tapi saya pasti Mama telah mencuba sedaya-upaya dan saya sebagai anak patut menghargai dan menghormati Mama selagi hayatnya masih ada, bukan menyesal ketika jasad Mama telah dikapankan. Maafkan Rena Mama, Rena banyak berdosa dengan Mama, Rena tak pandai jaga diri dan Rena anak yang nakal..selalu bagi Mama runsing. Rena banyak berdosa dengan Mama dan dengan Tuhan. Dan ketika itu, Mama hanya mampu memandang wajah saya dan saya lihat dia menangis. Tersentuh.

Terima kasih Ya Allah kerana memberikan aku peluang untuk merasai perasaan keinsafan ini. Saya kagum dengan kebesaran Allah SWT, dan dari hati yang ikhlas saya bersyukur. Dikala saya di dalam kegelapan dan telah berikhtiar sehabis daya untuk keluar dari kegelapan itu (hanya Tuhan yang tahu ikhtiar saya), Alhamdulillah, Allah SWT telah tunaikan ikhtiar saya dengan cara Nya yang tersendiri. Hati saya lebih tenang dan jiwa saya merasakan satu kedamaian yang sukar saya gambarkan. Ada perkara yang lebih penting dalam hidup ini selain dari masalah yang saya lalui. Dan saya sedang memanjat keluar dari lubang hitam yang dalam itu dengan bantuan rakan-rakan dan keluarga. Mungkin bayang-bayang hitam akan mengekori saya, tapi tidak mengapa, saya anggap ia sebagai peringatan buat saya. Semua yag terjadi, biar terjadi..terima sahaja denga rela.

Kepada Awak, Saya redha jika ini ketentuan Allah SWT terhadap Saya. Pergilah Awak melalui jalan hidup yang Awak pilih dan sila jangan toleh ke belakang lagi. Saya percaya Awak bahagia dengan jalan hidup yang Awak mahukan namun jika ia tidak seperti yang diingini, terima ia dengan redha kerana itu keputusan Awak. Penganiayaan dan pengkhianatan Awak pada Saya terlalu berat untuk Saya terima dan lupakan..Maafkan Saya andai diri ini tidak mampu memaafkan Awak tapi ketahuiah bahawa Saya juga tidak membenci. Saya tidak diajar untuk menjadi pendendam dan busuk hati mahupun zalim. Saya terkilan dengan sikap dan tindakan Awak tapi Saya percaya, dengan izin Allah SWT, I'll get better in times. Semoga Awak akan menjadi lebih matang dalam melakukan sebarang tindakan di masa hadapan. Insya-Allah. Mulai hari ini, dengan redha Saya lepaskan Awak pergi. Semoga bahagia yang Awak cari, akan Awak miliki. Dan semoga bahagia Saya akan tiba suatu hari nanti. Kepada Allah SWT Saya berserah..dari Dia rasa ini datang, dan kepada Dia juga rasa ini akan kembali...~

"Semoga roh Arwah Mak dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatan dikalangan manusia beriman yang Kau kasihi. Amin"


Dari Dia kita datang, dan kepada Dia juga kita akan kembali. Subhanallah.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Choice of Rhythm : Derita Merindu - Ahli Fiqir

To whom it may concern..

Kau katakan cinta gunakan akal
Bila aku gunakan, kau yang menyangkal
Bagaimana nak kekal
Kau katakan cinta gunakan minda
Bila aku gunakan, kau yang tak percaya
Bagaimana nak bahagia

Maafmu tak bererti, kau mudah sesali
Berulang kali telah kau mungkiri
Manis mulut berjanji terpedaya lagi
Menanti biar terus didustai

Kaulah bahagia (bagiku)
Kaulah derita (bagimu)
Esok lusamu
Tak ku kenal lagi engkau siapa

Dan aku cuba sedaya upaya
Telah ku usaha dengan sepenuh jiwa
Bagaimana hendak ku lupa
bayangan wajahmu selalu di depan mata
harum baumu masih dapat ku hidu
Bagaimana ingin aku membencimu
Jikalau setiap hari merindu
Sekiranya derita merinduimu itu sebenarnya bahagia..
Aku pilih derita..

Kaulah bahagia (bagiku)
Kaulah derita (bagimu)
Esok lusamu, tak ku kenal lagi engkau siapa

Mungkinkah esok atau lusa walau biarpun lama
Ada ku biar, tiada ku tetap kan setia
Entah bila akan tiba sampai jua harimu yang sama
Esok seperti semalaman yang tak berubah

Kaulah tanda tanya.. kau tiada titik noktah
Ku dibuai mimpi lena dikejut igau semula
Kaulah tanda tanya.. kau tiada titik noktah
Ku dibuai mimpi lena dikejut igau semula

Seandainya kau berada di depan mata
Mudah untuk aku berkata-kata
Supaya dapatku melihat seraut wajahmu
Walaupun belum tentu kau mahu bertemu
Apalagi memandangku
Setelah ku turutkan segala kemahuan kau mainkan perasaan
Begitu mudah kau ucapkan terimalah saja kenyataan..
Aku masih terkilan

Jika kau dapat memahami hati seorang perindu
Baru kau tahu derita hatiku
Jika suatu hari nanti giliran kau merindu
Baru kau ingat derita diriku
Segala yang berlaku bukan kemahuanku
Apa gunanya bahgia
Jikalau bahagia bersamamu hanyalah untuk sementara waktu
Aku pilih derita merinduimu

Monday, October 4, 2010



Bayangkan, korang sedang berjalan di satu lorong yang sepi, korang digamit oleh bau yang wangi yang membuatkan korang sukar untuk berlalu dari lorong itu. Tiba-tiba korang ditangkap dan dimasukkan dalam penjara. Tanpa sebab, hanya kerana Si Penangkap merasakan bahawa korang harus ditangkap. Ketika pintu ditutup, Si Penangkap memberitahu bahawa dalam masa 4 bulan lagi korang akan dihukum bunuh. Di dalam penjara yang gelap dan sepi, cuma ada diri sendiri, sejadah dan Al-Quran. Kawan-kawan tidak putus datang melawat dan memberi kata-kata semangat dan perangsang. Namun ada juga yang berkata 'Kan sudah aku ingat kan supaya kau jangan ke lorong gelap itu..kan bagus jika lebih awal kau sedar.Pasti tidak akan jadi begini..'. Pedih. Dengan tiada sebab, diri ditangkap dan dihumban di dalam penjara sepi..menunggu masa hukuman bunuh dijalankan. Pedih bila ungkapan itu dilafazkan kerana diri tidak pernah berniat untuk melakukan sebarang kesalahan sehingga pengakhiran nya adalah begini.

Jika korang dalam situasi itu apa yang akan korang lakukan? Buntu bukan? Seorang diri meratapi nasib diri. Walau di mana mata melihat, yang dapat dijangkau penglihatan hanyalah dinding dan kegelapan.Tiada jalan keluar. Tiada tingkap, tiada cahaya. Air mata pasti mengalir mengenang nasib diri yang malang, yang menjadi mangsa penganiayaan manusia lain.

Jika korang dalam situasi begitu, bagaimanakah perasaan korang? Orang yang disayangi, hanya dapat dilihat untuk terakhir kalinya pada 4 bulan akan datang. Sebelum korang dibunuh. Pasti perasaan nya seperti mahu diminta agar dibunuh pada masa itu juga. Tidak sanggup rasanya menunggu. Namun, masa-masa terakhir tetap dihabiskan di sejadah dan membaca Al-Quran.

Disertai dengan Doa yang tidak putus-putus dipanjatkan kepada Yang Esa, agar kehidupan antara sekarang sehingga ke Hari Kelam, dipermudahkan. Pada masa itu, hanya Dia yang mendengar keluhan dan tangisan serta rintihan hati. Hanya pada Dia kita berserah dan pasrah dan bermohon agar dimudahkan diri meredhai ketentuan ini. Hanya kepada dia kita menyerahkan jiwa dan raga dek kerana tidak sanggup menahan seksaan jiwa dan ketentuan takdir.

Pernahkah korang merasa apa yang cuba saya suruh korang bayangkan? Perasaan terdesak dan hampir putus harapan itu? Perasaan apabila terperangkap di dalam bilik yang gelap dan tiada jalan keluar. Setiap hari memohon agar takdir lebih berpihak kepada diri korang..Pernahkah?

Saya pernah. Tapi saya percaya, Tuhan Yang Maha Esa pasti akan membantu saya. Insya-Allah. 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Aphrodite remember the Aphrodite with the roses? Yes, rose symbolizes her. She loves roses, especially a dark red one. But the one she received are pink. Its from her lover. And they are very beautiful. the Aphrodite glow with happiness. She took the roses with her everywhere she went.

Do you still remember the Aphrodite with the roses? There she is. Sitting by the window, looking at the star. I wonder what is she thinking..Her cheeks are wet with tears. The roses sitting quietely on her lap.

Hey, ain't that the Aphrodite? Yeah the one who is walking by the beach. Alone. She is picking the broken pieces of her heart. was once a warm heart full with gentleness, love and kindness. It is badly  broken. Her eyes..they once shine with love, now they are dead. Her hand still hold the pink roses.

Oh, poor the roses' thorn finally tear your heart?

Choice of Rhythm : When You're Gone - Avril lavigne

I always needed time on my own
I never thought I'd need you there when I cried
And the days feel like years when I'm alone
And the bed where you lie
Is made up on your side

When you walk away
I count the steps that you take
Do you see how much I need you right now?

When you're gone
The pieces of my heart are missing you
When you're gone
The face I came to know is missing too
When you're gone
The words I need to hear to always get me through the day
And make it okay
I miss you

I've never felt this way before
Everything that I do
Reminds me of you
And the clothes you left
They lie on the floor
And they smell just like you
I love the things that you do

When you walk away
I count the steps that you take
Do you see how much I need you right now?

When you're gone
The pieces of my heart are missing you
When you're gone
The face I came to know is missing too
When you're gone
The words I need to hear to always get me through the day
And make it ok
I miss you

We were made for each other
Out here forever
I know we were

And all I ever wanted was for you to know
Everything I do I give my heart and soul
I can hardly breathe I need to feel you here with me

When you're gone
The pieces of my heart are missing you
When you're gone
The face I came to know is missing too
When you're gone
The words I need to hear will always get me through the day
And make it ok
I Miss You


Friday, September 17, 2010

The Heart


I noticed that the heart is a powerful thing. It can influence the mind to ignore the rationality and obey the emotion. It can caused even the wise to be the stupidest. It can make the world the most wonderful place or one hell of a disastrous space. The heart make the world go round...or not. It make the sun comes up or the sun never shows-up. Depends on the current state of the heart, sometimes the birds will sing sweet song or if they not then maybe thunder or tsunami will be on its way. Fascinating isn't it?

The heart is a powerful thing. It can make you believe the illusion to be the reality. It can turn lies into truth. It can turn sorrow into happiness (and vice versa). It can make you go insane for debating with what the heart believe is right and what you believe is not. It can be deadly. Especially when it aches, especially when every vein is fuel with this black thing called hatred, where only the mind can control the heart from getting overboard. That is, if you have a strong mind. Do you?

But then, the heart is also a beautiful thing. It house this sweet thing called love. It is rare and only a few has ever found it, and it is more powerful than the heart itself. If you ever find it, then guard it. Do not let anybody steal it away from you. It might not be sweet all the time but it is, most of the time. Why?

When the mind collide with the heart, thus comes the doubt. Do you have doubt in what you did? Then it might not be the right thing. Because like what I said before, the heart is a powerful thing. It believes what it wanted. Even when what the mind perceive as illusion, the heart still believes what it wanted. Even when it's a lie..

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Superman is 24th!

Specially for my dear Superman.

Happy 24th Birthday to you sayang. May Allah SWT bless you with all the blessings He can bestow on you (which are sangat banyak). May all your dreams shall come true..and may happiness belongs to us. If I can give you the moon and the stars, I would. Tapi awak nak buat ape kan dengan bulan ngan bintang tu..jual pon x laku Heee~ So instead I get you what you requested add up with my own personal gift for you. It wasn't much..but it comes from the heart.

i wasn't much..but i love you with all of my heart..i hope it is enough for you to love me back too =)

Happy birthday..I hope you had a great day today.

With lots of love : Supergirl
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Her name is Shasha

Last sunday I went shopping for boyfie's bday pwwzen with this girl. Her name is Shasha. Her mom called her Erin tho..a friend whom I became acquainted wayback during Petrosains days. I was a 4th year university student by then. Shasha  in her 2nd year in Uni Malaya. There's some lapse of time where we would lost in touch with one another but along the way we will always end-up "Weyh..jum lepak!" . Now she work close-by so lagi kerap kitorang jumpe. Minah ne gila shopping..scary betol kalo ikot dia shopping. Cam nak pengsan. Saya tukang teman jer. BTW, I bought a Chelsea jersey and iPhone casing for boyfie. Casing dia yang nak..Beli jer lah. Sayang punye pasal kan. Thanx tho Shasha for keeping me company. Sampai lena minah ne dalam keta sebab kepenatan. tapi seronok kan? Gegege~

p/s : pic was taken at Adidas, The Gardens.
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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wednesday Blues

Hari Isnin, saya masuk opis lambat (macam biasa), on PC, cucuk external and turns-out external saya wosak. Bengang? Eh tadelah..seronok! Dalam external tu ada semua data saya and kerja saya. Dah 6 bulan saya kumpul data tu semua. Owh, saya tade buat back-up pon sume kerja saya yang ada dalam external tu. Bijak kan?

Dah bagi IT exec, Incik N check..tapi dia cakap external hard disc saye dah corrupt. Marah nye saya sebab dia bagi saya external tu pon mmg dah tak elok in the first place. Sedih sebab kerja saya yang latest semua ada dalam tu.Uhuks..bos nak tengok progress hari Khamis..Macam mana lah ne?? =(
Omaigad~ matilah kalo nak buat balek semua tu. Huuu~ Sedeyh~

Whole day mood saya memang lah sangat foul. I was cracking my brain cari penyelesaian macam mana nak uncorrupt kan external yang dah corrupt. Macam mana ya? Ahh..kusut nye! Mujur Bos saya, memahami. Terima kasih Bos! =(
Huuu~ Sedeyh~

Kemudian, someone throw me a lifeline. Dia akan cuba dapatkan balik data dalam external tu. Will try his best. Saya x mengharap sangat..tapi..a small hope is better than no hope at all. Kan? Barulah rasa macam bleyh senyum sket.
Terima kasih Si Penyelamat.. =)

Hari Selasa, saya bangun lambat-lambat. Sebenarnya, dah terjaga awal tapi saya xda mood nak pergi ofis. Kalo pergi ofis pon, most of kerja dah lost. Macam tak taw nak start balek dari mana. Tak kan nak start from scratch? Alahai..down giler rase~ And hari Selasa, saya masuk ofis lebih lewat dari biasa. Tunjuk perasaan lah konon..~ Sape suro bagi external wosak kat saya kan?

Hari ne hari Rabu..Si Penyelamat dah cuba tapi first attempt gave negative result. Huuu~ Sedeyh~
Tapi dia cakap nanti akan cuba lagi. Tak pelah, saya faham dia pon busy jugak dengan kerja dia. Hope began to diminish..tapi saya masih keep hoping and keep having faith in him. Saya nak cakap 'Awak please try your best and don't let me down' tapi it's too much to ask from someone kan? X pelah~ Dalam hati hope began to wilt..

Tadi saya dah dapat berita, bahawa hard disc tu x dapat recover balek no matter what software he used.
Saya speechless. Saya terus balek and bila masuk dalam kereta, apa lagi kan, hujan ribut petir lah~ I cried my heart out. Wuuuuu~ Sedeyh~ Nak salah kan sape? Sendiri pun salah, tapi lagi damn yang tukang bagi hard disc sebab saya suruh beli baru hari tu dia x nak, siap bagi statement mencabar kesabaran. Hmm..x pelah saya redha, anggap saja ne dugaan saya di bulan Ramadhan..Tuhan nak uji kesabaran saya dan tahap keredhaan saya.. =)

Macam mana marah pun, kena selalu ingat, sabar itu kan separuh daripada iman. Sekian, Thank you.

P/s : Entry ne saya tulis hari Rabu tapi hari ne baru sempat publish. Hee~ Peace.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ramadhan ke - 7 with the Squash Devil

Wassup guys~ Hari ne dah hari ke-8 kita berpuasa kan? Yesterday saya berbuka puasa dengan geng-geng squash MASUM (Alumni) at Summer BBQ and Steamboat Restaurant. Aha..makan steamboat sampai pengsan. Tak ramai pon, girls only sebab invitation was not extended to the guys (sorry guys~). Sibuk jelah dorang nanti dorang makan banyak. Dengki gila~ Hehe.. There were 8 of us but not all squash player. Others are roommates/housemates of dorang neyh. Planning was made since first day puasa lagi..hehe..laju je masing-masing isi diary dengan date untuk berbuka. Week-ends saya x free sebab nak spend time berbuka dengan family and love ones and the girls pon tak free sebab dah ada appoinment lain. Weekdays pon ada hari yang some of us not available. Bincang punya bincang, so we decided to go on weekdays jelah, specifically yesterday, 17th August 2010 (which is my baby brother's birthday..kira Kak Rena makan+celebrate untuk Boy skali lah okai? Gegege~). My friend Erna yang booked and cari tempat yang best sebab dia and another friend Nora, hantu steamboat. In the end, makan kat restaurant which is only sekangkang kera dari my office sebab restoran yang originally suggested dah fully booked..duuhh~ leyh x? Baru je saya excited nak makan jejauh sket. Hehehe~ Saya siap sempat balik rumah tukar baju and mandi-manda sementara tunggu the girls arrived from Shah Alam. Around 7pm we all gather at Shell. Lama sangat tak jumpa dorang-dorang ne semua..masih cute! Hee~ Awhhh..they do looked suprised with my transformation. Heee~ Sorry korang, selalu hang-out me always in short+singlet+shirt tapi..I think its about time to change.. =)

Tempat steambot ne punyelah tersorok..maybe that's why selama ne, me and collegues never knew the place existed. Kalo tak, sure dah lama serbu! Nak naik lif pun kena lalu lorong between kedai. Sampai level 1..bila pintu lif bukak..Ta-daaaa~ Restaurant! Cam lawak lak. Hehe~ Dah pilih tempat, semua pun serbu lah all the raw food. There are many choices..udang, ketam, bebola-beboli, kerang-kerangan, kambing, sayur, rojak, puding, agar-agar and such. Nak name all macam tak tertulis pulak. So hamek makanan tak ingat dunia lah masing-masing..ketam lah, udang lah, sotong lah, bebola-beboli..selagi muat meja, dorang sapu. Gegege~ Last-last tak habis makan, bahan bukti cover dengan kulit-kulit ketam/udang. Haihh..membazir~ Pape pon, it's been fun. Dah makan ramai-ramai kan, dengan Si Erna g makan bebola mentah..siap ada ice lagi. Hikhik~ Apelah Erna! Tak bleyh beza meh yang dah rebus dengan belum? Haihhh~ Disini per head around RM23.80 sen/all you can eat. So eat all you can sampai meletup pewot. Tapi, if makan tak habis and kantoi, wasted food will be charged RM10 per 100g. Err..kitorg punya wasted food tak sampai 100g pun. Hehehe~ Awhh..BTW, they do not serve pork at the restaurant so the food is HALAL. Kalo tak, saya orang first yang akan bail out. Gile ape..huhu~ Makan-makan juga, but solat Maghrib jangan lupa okai? Happy fasting guys! Cheers~

Sebelum makan : Meja bersih dan suci

Selepas makan : Tengok sendiri lah..malas nak cakap ape~


Monday, August 16, 2010

Review (Book) : Kiss Kiss - Roald Dahl

Ola homosapiens~ I had this book for quite sometimes now and had been thinking about doing the review for like forever but never really come around to do it. This is one of the classic books, by famous British author, Roald Dahl titled Kiss Kiss. Reading has always been my passion since I recognize the alphabet and Dahl had been one of my favourite author. When I was young my Grandparents had been the one who supplied me with books, its a way to make me sit quietely and shut up (I can be quite a chatter if I want to dude..gegege~). So who is Dahl? Ah..I'm sure most of you had the vaguest idea about him, the most that you know that he was a dead writter. But if I ask you, do you ever heard of the fiction movie Charlie and The Chocolate Factory? Alah..the one yang Johnny Depp acted as an eccentric chocolate factory owner tu..~ Aha..sure does everybody will go like 'yeahh..of course'. Okai so, FYI, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory is an adaptation from Dahl's book with the same title, and Rober Dahl is the genius behind the writting. you know! *eye-rolled*

Kiss Kiss is a book compilation of 11 short stories which comprise of Dahl's writting. These short stories fall under the category of science fiction, horror and fantasy. The titles of the short stories are: The Landlady, William and Mary, The Way Up to Heaven, Parson's Pleasure, Mrs. Bixby and The Colonel's Coat, Royal Jelly, Georgy Porgy, Genesis and Catastrophe : A True Story, Edward the Conqueror, Pig and The Champion of the World. They were some of Dahl's most macabre-but-without-being-horrifying stories. The story line horrifyingly gives you goosebumps for being macabre with very un-expected twist as ending (Dahl is known to wrote an un-expected ending stories and his childrens' book were best known for its un-sentimentality combined with dark humor). These short stories does not really gives you a certain ending, you can only implied and draw your own conclusion because the ending is not directly stated. Kinda like the movie Inception. This is why it is called ask you to train your brain to think. All 11th stories has the same element, while some are disgustingly ended, some does make your skin crawl and make you wonder (at least I did), does this really happened in the real world? My personal favorite is Pig. It tells you the story of an innocent orphan boy venturing into the real world after the death of his aunt. The aunt protected and sheltered him from the outside world after the tragic death of his parents and taught him to be vegetarian. Under his aunt's wing, he became a very good cook, cooking delicious vegetarian food. Then his aunt died, and he emerged into the real world (because his aunts requested so). What happened when he went to the real world? Expect something un-expected and twisted from it. You gotta read it to know it guys. Aha..I left you guys to wonder okai? Till then, Happy reading. Cheers!

My source of confirmation on facts are compared to Wikipedia.

P/s : For more info on the author - Roald Dahl visit his very interesting official website.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Choice of Rhythm : Harapan Ramadhan - Raihan feat. Man Bai

"Semoga Ramadhan kali ini, lebih membahagiakan dari Ramadhan yg lepas. Tangisan yang keluar bukan kerana hati yang retak, tetapi untuk yang lebih berhaq, tiada yang lebih berhaq selain Nya Yang Mencipta, Allah SWT" - Azfarina Azlan


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Welcome Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

Hey guys, diam tak diam kita Ramadhan tiba lagi. Sy nak mengucapkan Selamat Manjalani Ibadah Berpuasa to all my friends and readers. Semoga kita semua dapat memanfaatkan kedatangan Ramadhan kali ini dengan sepenuhnya dan beroleh keberkatan dari Nya Yang Mencipta. Tiada apa yang kita mahukan dalam hidup ini selain dari keredhaan Ilahi, jadi di sini, sepuluh jari sy susun sebagai memohon kemaafan andai ada salah dan silap, terlanjur tutur kata, terkasar bahasa dan perbuatan yang menyakitkan hati. Semoga dengan kemaafan semua, Ramadhan ini menjadi lebih bermakna dan membahagiakan buat kita bersama.. Insya-Allah. Amin~

Have a wonderful Ramadhan everybody! Cheers~

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Review (Movie) : Inception

Watch this if you house a brain between your ears, know how to think critically and do analysis, and know how to differentiate dreams and reality. Not advisable for anybody prefering light movie, this stuff ain't nowhere near light dude. I think this is one of the best movie ever..which force me think even after curtain calls. Damn, I hate it when thoughts stuck in my head, it provokes me to contemplate..and think. Huh..go and watch it. I know you won't regret it. Cheers! 


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pesan Atok


Pesan Atok:
"Jgn tertarik kepada seseorg kerana parasnya, sebab, keelokan paras dapat menyesatkan. Jangan pula tertarik kepada kekayaannya, kerana kekayaan boleh memusnahkan. Tertariklah kepada seseorang yang dapat membuatmu tersenyum, kerana hanya senyuman dapat membuatkan hari-hari yang gelap menjadi cerah. Biar sakit mata memandang, jangan sakit hati seumur hidup dek kerana sikap nya. Semoga kamu menemukan seseorang seperti itu"


Monday, August 2, 2010

LOST : Ninja Hippies Gathering


As stated in the title, this entry is about our gathering. The first one since Merl return to Sabah. Our = Me, Ester, Merl, Yus, Syah and Koala. Ing Hoe couldn't make it because he had to go back to his hometown because of his Granny's health condition. was a blast..and funny due to some incidents that happened that night. We had planned the gathering months back. Konon-konon in the first place nak pergi Pangkor..but due to the arrival of Ramadhan, plan had to be cancelled. Lepak-lepak, hang out and chilling with one another pon kinda cool juga kan. As long as ..TOGETHER. So in the end, we decided to meet up at Mid Valley for dinner and plan our next activity during dinner. Ester+Floe+Syah arrived a bit lewat..because they got lost. Haha.. Suka tok kamurang got lost..Haih! Then we decided to go to Chilli's for dinner. Un-fortunately, we were in the waiting list..for another 15mins approximately. Since masing-masing dah sangat lapar and tak larat nak tunggu, the waiter suggested another restaurant for us (which is a chain restaurant of Chilli's) - SPAGHETTI. 

Awwhhhh..datz the first time for all of us. What the hell kan..lapar punya pasal, redah sudah~ Turns out the food were SUPERB. We ate sampai masing-masing tersandar kekenyangan dan kepenatan sebab ketawa. Mind you, kitorang not the control-control ayu type..kinda lame lah kalo macam tu and exhausting lah nak control-control. So since we were not that type, we had FUN.

the super-delicious foods~

Afterwards we decided to go for karoke session but then when heading to Sungei Wang, all of us headed to different direction and got lost. Only me and Koala (she rides with me) arrived at Sungei Wang. Ester+Syah and Floe got lost while trying to find the right exit to KL, while Merl+Yus got lost while trying to save Ester and the others. Gegegege~ In the end, plan has to be cancelled and we all headed home. Awwww~ what a pity. Usually kalo hang-out most of us will be in shorts or singlets and shirts and jeans but for that night everyone dress-up a bit. Just a bit but make them look different from our road-trips moments. Hee~ You guys are COOL..dress-up or not. I prefer you guys in shorts and singlets and jeans and shirts and in sweats and ponytail..because it is what makes us who we are. All in all, it was an unforgettable wonderful night consist of good foods, charming companions..with a bit of silliness and LOST plans. Awwhhh..THANK YOU MERL FOR THE DINNER. Next time you come to KL again, belanja lagi ya? Heee~

@ Spaghetti, Mid Val

Friends : Forever is a long time, so let's stick to always shall we?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Box of Chocolate With ♥


A text message received - "A quick question : silver or maroon?"

So this was the meaning of the quick question is..A BOX OF CHOCOLATE home-made with from Alee to Tommy and Me. Received last night. Eaten on the Bangi Walk (bleyh x? of all places..tepi jalan pon jadi)

THANX A MILL dearie. You're the STAR!! xoxo~

Choice of Rhythm : Yank - Wali Band


Kalo dengar lagu neyh..sure tingat kat kawan sy Cik Aliphant sebab dia suka nyanyi lagu ne masa karoke. Owh..quite different from my usual type of song but..once a while kena lah ada kelainan kan? Baru lah hidup ne ada variety. Gegege~ This song here is by an Indonesion band which is popular with the song Cari Jodoh, Wali Band with their other popular song, Yank (it means sayang/yang). Enjoy~

Tuesday, July 27, 2010



And even if you are far away, you are close to my heart. And  in my dreams, you never fail to be there.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mid-day Blues


I stared at the blank post body..wondering what I should write (No I aint having any writter's block or what-so-ever) and nothing jump in my mind. Actually so many things jump in that I'm having trouble distincting one topic to another, everything is significant. Everything is as important as the others. Yeah. Life seems to pick up at world record speed, like a MagLev bullet-train with the speed of 581 km/h surfing on the superconductor based rail. The gravity seems to lessen from 9.81m/s to somewhat half, leaving me floating and bouncing with no firm feet on the ground. Everything seems to be going at a very high momentum but with only magnitude and no direction and they flies me by without I couldn't even say 'Heyya!'.. When I woke up the next morn, the memories of last night is a blur. Then life move again. Here we go again..~

Where have the vector of my life went? C'mon direction, do not abandon me just yet. I'm barely 40 okai.. Yeah. Life is a bit dis-array..but I like it now more than I like it then. It is kinda confusing but I guess confusing is better than bitter. Confused means you can't make up your mind whether you feel happy or sad or so-so. Bitter means..well, bitter. And bitter ain't cool, it gives you wrinkles. What is there left to do then? Enjoy the moment I guess, eventually I will know when to pull back and reduce the velocity to a constant speed and yes, re-thinking the direction. The vector of life.

Any-one got a route map or GPS for rent?


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Roaming! : Memorial Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra, Kuala Lumpur

Ola~ Rini sy nak sambung dengan roaming kami seterusnya after visiting Tugu Negara. To where? Aha..Memorial Tunku Abdul Rahman. Honestly, kami pon tak taw akan kewujudan memorial neyh. Macam secara tak sengaja terjumpa sebab Tommy main redah masuk simpang, then ada awek seksi dan cun (errr...dari jauh jelah..) lak kat tepi jalan then ada bangunan yang kinda cool, state of the art building, all glasses that got us went "whoaaaa~ cool~" and suddenly bila tengok depan, eyh..Memorial Tunku Abdul Rahman. Hahaha~ Mula-mula macam tak nak masuk sebab takut kena bayar tapi since si supir adalah Tommy dan beliau sorang yang degil maka diredah juga masuk. Tak pelah, who knows we would stumble upon something there kan? Lagipun, macam menarik jer tempat tu and if kena bayar tak payah lah masuk. Postive-thinking sangat kan? Sebenarnya, kedekot. Hahaha. So we headed to the main entrance of the building after parking Raven under a tree. At the main entrance, there's this really antique Cadillac, with plat number written 'Perdana Menteri Malaysia'. Cool~ Memang antique betol. Stereng besar gaban. *kagum*

Sila abaikan anasir berbaju hitam yg tengah posing depan kereta. Terima kasih. (^^)Y

Rupa nya, nak masuk memorial ne FOC. Tak payah bayar pon, isi nama dalam guestbook jer. Actually, its optional tapi since kitorang gedik so nak jugak tulis. Hey, bukan selalu kan pergi memorial neyh. It could be a trip of a lifetime. Hee~

Front Desk / Reception Area 


Abang berbaju oren (sy x pasti lah dia peminat Holland or tak) memang informatif dan beliau bagi kitorg newsletter berkenaan Memorial Tunku Abdul Rahman. Masuk-masuk ke dalam bangunan, kami agak kagum lah sebab ada macam-macam maklumat tentang Tunku dan kermerdekaan. Bagaimana beliau telah membawa Malaysia ke arah kemerdekaan..dan kisah hidup Tunku sendiri dari kecik hingga menghembuskan nafas terakhir. Turut ada di antara barang-barang pameran adalah kasut Tunku, meja pejabat, lakaran kertas cadangan bendera Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, medal serta pingat yang dianugerahkan kepada Tunku, gambar-gambar perjuangan beliau dan aktiviti-aktiviti yang melibatkan beliau. Terdapat juga maklumat yang disampaikan melalui video. Agak menarik jugak lah and a good way to hold visitors' attention since the place are full with info that after a while you get distracted and bored with reading.


Overall this building ada 3 tingkat. Kami tak explore sampai habis sebab..hmm..macam dah distracted sikit plus penat bergelak-ketawa kat Tugu Negara tadi. Sy merayap keluar ke balkoni and discovered that the Memorial is connected to Tunku Abdul Rahman's Residence. This is wayyyyy too cool. So since tak larat nak locate mana Tommy, Alee and Aye, calling-calling jelah and ask them to come upstairs. At the entrance, ada Volvo milik peribadi Tunku yang digunakan beliau semasa hayatnya. Residensi Tunku telah diwartakan sebagai salah satu bangunan yang dipelihara sebagai Warisan Kebangsaan. Segala perabot yang ada di dalam Residensi telah dikekalkan sebagaimana yang telah ditinggalkan oleh Tunku. Tunku menetap di bangunan Residensi sehingga beliau menghembuskan nafas terakhir pada tahun 1990. Pakcik guard yang menjaga bangunan ne memang friendly and informative. Thanx lah pakcik sebab melayan kerenah tah pape kitorang yang dok 'ooohhhh' and 'wahhhhhhh' all the time because of the awesomeness for being able to see for ourselves the place of living of the man who were responsible for our country's independence. Bangunan Residensi then is connected with bangunan pejabat asal Tunku. Hee..Macam dalam cerita P.Ramlee lah pejabat Tunku. Feels like we're going back to the past.. Dah penat merayap we decided to head home since sy ada appoinment lain. So that's all for now. So after this, korang bleyh lah ke Memorial Tunku Abdul Rahman if dah boring hanging out kat shopping mall tuh.. Hee~ Till then..Cheers! 

One of the rare posters of the old days~ Cool huh? =)