Thursday, September 20, 2012

4 years..

6 pm

We all have that one person close to us, who drifted apart due to the demand of life, study and whatever. 

I have known him since 5 years ago, when he was still just an SPM school leaver and I was in my third degree year in Uni. We met while working as a volunteer at Petrosains ( I was on my semester break, he had just received his SPM result) and became closer when we were selected to be part of the school holiday team. Since we rode the LRT using the same route, we always went home together after work, stopping by here and there along the way to LRT station. Where there is him, there is me.

He was one of those who are blessed with brain, good looks, tall and good manner. Manja pun ya. Every morning he would asked me to make him Milo whenever we hang out at the pantry with the other volunteers, after/before Roll Call. Everyday when we went home, we will passed the Roti Boy shop. The smell of the buns, oh man, it is sooo yummy. But during that time, we don't really have lots of money to spend or to be wasted on some fancy food, so most of the time we would just gave each other a pitiful glance and drooled longingly for the hot buns. Then the paycheck day came. Aha. That will be the day, we will buy Roti Boy and eat together on our way to LRT. Savouring each bite as if it is food came from heaven. Ok, that's too much exaggeration. We were not that poor, it is just that we do not have extra money to waste. Get it? If he had extra money, he would treat me a Roti Boy and vice versa. Hehehe. We also had the same coloured jacket, which we wore on top of our Petrosains shirt and had a habit of wearing mp3 while waiting for the LRT. Sweet tak? I told you we are close :)

Then, as he went away to do his preparation at this one college, before flying to UK to pursue his degree, and I resume my studying at Uni (I was accepted to further my Masters), we would text one another occassionally. But I guess along the way, we were caught up with our own life, love life, and activities, we kinda drifted apart. When he flew to UK, we did not even say goodbye to one another and we just followed each other's update through Facebook (at least I did, when I missed him)  

After 4 years.

I do not really know why and how but I have this urged to FB msg'd him. As I scanned our chat history, seems like last we talked, was like a year ago, during Raya. HAHA. So we end-up making an effort to see one another on this one particular night, during Soton vs Man U match. Gosh, how he had matured! Hansome gila ok! Haha. He bought me this one Manchester United shirt, like a year ago before coming back to Malaysia for holiday, but we never got the chance to meet up. So I never get to receive the shirt. Now that we did, I was really touched because he still keep it for me. Awww, sweet sangat haa! One of the most funny moment during one of our date was when he reprimanded me because I forgot to perform my Asar prayer after we went to his friend's openhouse. Seriously? I was taken aback and a bit speechless. Terus terdiam. Hahaha. You are not suppose to be garang with someone older than you tau! GARANG dah macam abang-abang pulak tu. Oh well, along the 4 years gap, I wonder since when we switched roles. Haha. When we met, somehow it feels like the 4 years of silence was not even there. I felt like, we never really was apart THAT long. It feels nice to go Roti Boy-ing again with him, reminiscing about the past. Ish. Rasa macam sangat tua! And this time, we have all the money to buy and eat Roti Boy sampai muntah. Not to mention ronda-ronda sana-sini makan and makan. Ish. Gemok.

I realize, its been a while since I laughed this much. He'll be leaving for UK again later this week, and I know, nanti mesti rinduuuu~ (especially ayat favourite dia : Jom solat! ). 

We all have that one person close to us, who drifted apart due to the demand of life, study and whatever. But we can always choose to close the gap and never let something so sweet, been taken away again :)

Energy School Holiday Team : The best team ever! :)
credit pic : Pie 


P/s : If you ever read this, jangan kembang lebih-lebih sangat tauuu. Balik sini nanti, belanja kite makan sampai kembung! Belajar rajin-rajin and take care of yourself :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


2.20 PM

"I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward "

 Thomas A. Edison

p/s : that is how lightbulb came to the world :)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Raster Rawr : Crazy-ness :)


Be strong and get stronger with each passing day. Bless me and be with me Ya Allah :)

Credits for pic : Vannessa
Location : Squash court, Cyberjaya Community Club

p/s : It was one of those crazy day at the office and unbearably mind-stressing. Trust me, I felt like crying the moment I get in my car. But hey, I am made of the stronger stuff. All of Anak Azlan are :) Been doing some light workout during Ramadhan especially on my arms and tummy. The monkey act on top left pic is a proof, the workout , well, work-out. Hehehe. No shorts next time missy. 


Choice of Rhythm : Super Junior - Daydream

12.30 pm

Makes me cry everytime I hear this. 

p/s : How does it makes you feel, to severe somebody else's ties? to leave cruelly? 
       Do you feel better now?


Full Moon

12 pm

I kept dreaming of you lately. It was more intense during Ramadhan. 

p/s : Mid of Syawal. It was full moon last night. Did you see it? :)