Thursday, August 30, 2012

Aidilftri 1433 :)

This was how we spend our 1st Syawal at Negri Sembilan. Of course this happened after beraya-raya from Negri Sembilan to Malacca and back. Banana boat and Donut boat, the hardcore style. So hardcore, I split my lips from bumping into little sister's Titanium head during the fall. My lips was bleeding all the time we were riding the boat and I can barely eat or talk afterwards. Haha. What a memorable Raya and nothing beats having fun with your cousins and siblings, playing meriam buluh war with kampung sebelah (and we win, of course. Or else, our dads would be very ashamed of us. They hold the Champion title during their time), cooking rendang and lemang with cousins, Nenek, Abah and Uncles, pointlessly chasing the chicken around kampung just because you dont know how to catch it (how the hell am I suppose to know how to catch that furry-two-feet beast? duhh..) and yeah, that epic moment when we (me, sibs, cousins and our Dads) got chased with this really long parang by Nenek because we played meriam buluh with tin and the sound was so bloody loud, it suprised her and she drop the bowl of kacang she was carrying. Hihihi. Sorry Nenek~ Abah and his brothers had to go to the shop to buy new kacang while we have to dry-fry it. Padan muka. Despite everything that happened this past 3 months, I find that I am able to smile again, surrounded by the unconditional loves of family. Thank you Allah SWT for your blessing. Alhamdulillah.

This is our unconventional way of celebrating Raya. How did you spend yours?