Tuesday, October 30, 2012



Allah swt will make a way. When there seems to be no way.

insya-allah :)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Squash : 13th Raintree International Jumbo Squash Doubles Competition

10.37 am

Participated in this tourney with sparring partner, Luqman under team name of T-Rex. HAHA. Such an ambitious name. This is our first time playing in a double competition because we are actually a single player and man, it was super fun and seriously, we were hooked hands down! The tournament consists of a mass of fun and familiar faces, a bunch of muscle aches and free flow of foods, not to mention playing squash randomly with everybody all day till you want to die. Since I am a player, consuming too much food will somehow effect my game, so I was restraining myself until my last match of the day and eat like nobody's business. Little sister Anys came along for support, konon-kononnya, but actually she was always tagging along whenever I went for a tournament and was scoffing on those pastries and sandwiches like a pig. Boring study katanya, nak cuci mata watching the nationals junior players *eye rolled*. Too bad her partner in crime, my little brother Boy went to watch rugby matches and unable to join her or else, all hell will go loose. At least my hell. She made it a point to tell everyone how I am her 'adorable gemok pendek sister' whenever my friend made a remark 'Wahhh Anys tingginya!'. Impertinent little sister aren't you Anys. Pffttt! 

Black+White : Training session with Luq and adapting my cool-all-new Technifibre white eyeglasses

Though this is our first experience in playing doubles, both of our combined (Luqman and Me) strength made us 'the underdog to be watched'. Jangan main-main! Hahaha. We made it as far as to the semis but lose both sets in sudden death. Bummer. The opponent won against us with only just one point! Kecewa betul. Anyway, I am proud to be the player who scored most of our points in both matches and manage to wow the spectator with some of my signature killer shots. Its funny to look at Anys face which was full of amazement and gaping in awe when the crowd cheered. Hahaha. Close your mouth Anys or you'll choke on a lalat later. Nevertheless, we still lose but hey, it's the most exciting experience ever! and we can always win again next year right? :) Next doubles tourney will be on February in Singapore, then in Bangkok and Singapore again then back to Malaysia, and I was proposed by 3 clubs to play for their team in this coming RSC Tiger Trophy Open Tournament. Teehehehe. Felt like some hotshot football player who was fought over by Man U, Chelsea and Man City. I was still considering the options though because I like to be in the underdog team, with those I usually trained and sparred with. Less pressure on winning and more about fun but if I wanted to play seriously, I'd better choose one of those clubs because if the club are sending us to play oversea, half of the expenses will be covered. Jimat! And team entrance fees are usually fully sponsored. How cool is that? Entrance fees ain't cheap for squash tourney. Tiger Trophy itself cost a team RM300 per entrance. So I'd better make up my mind about joining those clubs because I am seriously lookin' forward for the coming Tiger Trophy and the first jumbo in Singapore. Can't wait! :)

The underdog : T-Rex team and our own self-designed and self-made shirt. Kau ado? XP


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Choice of Rhythm : Because I'm A Girl - KISS

The saddest song with a deep lyrics. Enjoy~

Today we broke up...
You told me to meet someone better than you and be happy,
You're just like all the other guys,
What happened to when you told me that you loved me?
Honestly I don't want you to be happy,
What am I going to do if you really forget about me?
I'm in so much pain, more pain than I can bear,
Because I'm still in love with you.


P/s : It was one of those boring day at the office where all I wanted to do is play games, listen to the musics and watched some Korean variety shows, while ignoring those incoming emails. But we don't really get everything we wanted right? *sigh and revert back to work* Damn all you Goddamn engineers!